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The Stinging Truth about Stinging Nettles

By Fredrica Syren: The other day someone told me they found stinging nettle and I could barely contain my excitement. Stingingnettle is one of the earliest green plants to emerge each spring in many cold climates and is worth the hard work of finding them, picking them without getting a …

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The Benefits of Calendula

By Kim Robson: Recently we’ve been getting these lovely hand soaps from Earth Dance Botanical Body Care, and one of the many delightful scents to choose from is Lemon Calendula. I’d heard of calendula before but didn’t really know much about it. As it turns out, calendula is a powerful …

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Uses for Elderflowers

By Kim Robson: It’s summertime, and our elderberry bushes are flowering. We’ve covered uses for elderberries, specifically the healing properties of elderberry syrup for coughs and sore throats, but what about the fragrant blossoms? Elderflower syrup is rich in vitamin C, making it suitable for treating runny noses caused by …

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Urban Foraging–Nature’s Pantry

By Kim Robson: Most people think of foraging as an activity only for those lucky enough to live in remote forests or idyllic fields. But just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t hunt for and collect nutritious food and plants to add to your diet. And …

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Foraging — Nature’s Pantry

By Fredrica Syren: Spring is here, and it comes with lots of sun and nature’s awakening after its long winter slumber. Now is also the beginning of foraging season, something my family truly enjoys. Foraging is the process of gathering wild food resources such as plants, flowers, berries, nuts, seeds, …

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Eat Your Weeds — Dandelion Syrup

By Fredrica Syren It’s so funny how dandelion flowers are, for anyone on a quest for the perfect grassy yard, your worst enemy — but, for a child, a source of major fun. I remember as a child loving dandelions. Their leaves were food for my rabbit; their yellow flowers …

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Time To Smell The Flowers–Edible Flowers

By Kim Robson: Adding edible flowers to recipes creates distinct flavors for food and drinks. Sprinkled as a garnish or tossed into salads, flowers are fresh and fun pops of delightful color. Edible flowers also can be preserved in a number of ways that allow their use well beyond blooming …

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Foraging for Snow

By Emma Grace: Since I moved from San Diego to the Czech Republic, the existence of seasons has come as a learning experience in countless ways. One of the biggest changes is that, in the winter, while plants are waiting out the cold and there are certainly no fresh fruits, …

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Tips on Mushroom Foraging

By Kim Robson: Mushrooms can play extremely important roles in the ecosystem. Some are extremely delicious. Some are also extremely deadly. NEVER eat a mushroom unless you’re absolutely sure it’s an edible species! This article will help you find, collect, identify and store edible mushrooms. Safety First There are no …

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It’s Nettle Season!

By Valerie Yoder: It’s spring!  For my family, that means more days at the playground, long walks through the woods, and the beginning of another foraging season. Harvesting wild edibles is a great excuse to spend time outdoors in early spring, not to mention a satisfying way to amp up …

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