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Staying Healthy While Traveling

By Fredrica Syren: If you follow me on Instagram, you know my family and I are traveling for the next few weeks. Staying healthy while traveling can be tricky because you’re exposed to more and new germs, but also while traveling you might not be getting as much sleep as …

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Are Circular Airports the Future?

By Kim Robson: Every year, the demand for air travel grows. But around most cities, there is very little available open space on which to build new airports to meet this demand. In San Diego, for instance, planners have been looking for years for an adjunct to space-limited Lindberg Field. …

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Healthy Travels: Tips for Wellness While on the Road

By Dawna Matthews: We all travel at some point in our lives, some people more than others. We travel for work, play, vacation, holiday and celebration. I am currently on a trip out of state to visit family for a wedding celebration. The last thing I want to worry about …

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