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9 Attractive Flowers that Bloom in the Winter Season

By Ann Sander: If you are a fan of flowers but cannot grow some due to extreme weather conditions in your area during winter, worry no more. There are several flowers that bloom in the winter time such as Nemesia, Witch Hazel and Pansy flower. These flowers are known to …

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Uses for Elderflowers

By Kim Robson: It’s summertime, and our elderberry bushes are flowering. We’ve covered uses for elderberries, specifically the healing properties of elderberry syrup for coughs and sore throats, but what about the fragrant blossoms? Elderflower syrup is rich in vitamin C, making it suitable for treating runny noses caused by …

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Time To Smell The Flowers–Edible Flowers

By Kim Robson: Adding edible flowers to recipes creates distinct flavors for food and drinks. Sprinkled as a garnish or tossed into salads, flowers are fresh and fun pops of delightful color. Edible flowers also can be preserved in a number of ways that allow their use well beyond blooming …

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