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Our Journey Towards Financial Freedom

By Fredrica Syren: In 2013 our third child had just been born when we moved to Sweden. I noticed that my husband was not quite himself. He was losing lots of weight and was not as happy as he usually had been. I sized this up as a result of …

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Achieving Financial Independence

By Kim Robson What would you give to become financially independent? It might seem like a far-off dream, but there are many simple steps one can take to realize this very achievable goal. First, obtain a free copy of your credit report and take a hard, unbiased look at it. Are you …

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Inexpensive Vacations

 Kim Robson Think you can’t afford to take your family on a decent vacation? Think again! There are so many great ways to have a fun getaway without breaking the bank. Staycations: A vacation taken in your own home. Set up the backyard furniture and start grilling. Get out the …

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Green Investments

By Kim Robson Would you be interested in making your “green” more green? In other words, does your investment portfolio reflect your values about the environment? Many people would be shocked to learn that their mutual funds include stocks in oil, nuclear, and coal companies. How can an individual find companies …

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Eating Well on a Budget

By Kim Robson During these difficult economic times, many of us have faced the challenge of continuing to provide for our families while coping with an ever-decreasing budget. However, with a little planning, we can still enjoy healthy, fresh, delicious meals without breaking the bank account. In this article, I …

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