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Capsule Wardrobes

By Fredrica Syren: I’m a person who tries to live a green and minimal life but who also loves fashion and clothes. The problem with fashion is that trends change very quickly, so living an eco-friendly life and still looking fashionable can be a challenge. This is why the capsule …

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Zero Waste Fashion

By Kim Robson: I’ll freely admit it: I’m a big fan of Goodwill Industries. They take discarded clothing, accessories, furniture, books and housewares; and they use the funds from their thrift stores to provide job training, employment placement services, and other community-based programs for people who are difficult to employ. …

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Eco Chic with Slow Fashion

By Fredrica Syren: When you hear the words “fast food,” what comes to mind? Probably cheap, unhealthy and, perhaps, not good for the planet. Right? Now, think about “fast fashion” compared to “slow fashion.” This concept actually makes sense. Over the years, we have come to accept the ever so …

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Levi’s: Give a Little, Get a Little

By Amanda Wilkes: The Levi’s brand deserves applause for the commendable steps they have continually taken, in recent years, towards sustainability, including their newest green initiative. At some point during the year, we tend to find ourselves shuffling through our closets to get rid of the old and make room …

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Eco-Friendly Fashion

 By Kim Robson: Finding clothing that’s environmentally responsible is harder than one might think. I have a friend who went to great lengths to find “vegan” shoes (i.e. made without any animal products) that weren’t Crocs and looked nice enough to wear to work. Ordinary shoe stores were useless: he …

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Green Summer–Eco-Friendly Swimwear

By Amanda Wilkes Summer is my favorite season. I spend all year getting ready to look fit in my bikini, but recently I have been wondering if my healthy figure could be accompanied by an all natural suit. I am the girl who will buy organic cotton whenever possible and …

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4R Fashion

By Amanda Wilkes ​It’s always inspiring to see the creative ways young adults are learning about the environment and showing unique ways to make a difference by reducing, reusing, recycling and rethinking.  Over 40 schools and more than 500 children in Qatar kicked off World Environment Day with an eco-fashion design contest. …

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Eco-Fashion a Huge Hit at New York Fashion Week

By Fredrica Syren I guess we should not be surprised that, after organic food has become so popular, organic fashion would become … well, so fashionable. In recent years the organic movement and awareness have brought a presence of environmentally savvy fashion and demand for organic and resalable material, realized by both designers and …

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