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Demystifying Food Labels

By Kim Robson: We’ve all seen these marketing stickers on fresh produce or even prepared foods, labels touting their eco-friendly attributes, such as Non-GMOOrganicFree-RangeEthically HarvestedFair TradeGrass FedPasture RaisedGluten Free In the past, we’ve covered the various and often confusing labels on egg cartons. Today, let’s delve into the claims seen on …

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Eco Chic with Slow Fashion

By Fredrica Syren: When you hear the words “fast food,” what comes to mind? Probably cheap, unhealthy and, perhaps, not good for the planet. Right? Now, think about “fast fashion” compared to “slow fashion.” This concept actually makes sense. Over the years, we have come to accept the ever so …

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Fair Trade For Coconut

By Larraine Roulston: Uninfluenced by western diet, people from the South Pacific enjoy eating coconut as their dietary staple. These populations are in excellent health, with no evidence of heart disease. Less than 20 years ago, coconut oil gained a bad reputation when the manipulated, refined, hydrogenated form of coconut oil …

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Fair Trade Coffee: Make a Difference Cup by Cup

By Dawna Matthews I wake up every morning and look forward to so many things, one of them being a cup of hot coffee. Coffee is a personal preference and can be tailored to your unique taste. Do you like your coffee straight up black, with cream and/or sugar, espresso …

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Fair Trade Phone

 By Kim Robson When I first heard of a Fair Trade Phone, I thought, “Whaaat?” But when you think about it, fair trade technology makes a lot of sense. Mobile phones contain more than thirty different kinds of mined minerals and precious metals, including copper, cobalt, gold, and tin. Some of …

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Fair Trade Coffee

 By Kim Robson Many people are surprised to learn that, as a world commodity, coffee is second only to oil. Over 100 million Americans drink coffee on a daily basis and spend $18 billion a year on the drink. Grown in more than 70 countries, coffee comes from three main …

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Slavery, Chocolate and Fair Trade

By Asha Kreiling Oh, chocolate! I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a chocolate fiend. I love all kinds of chocolate and all things chocolate flavored: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate covered raisins and almonds, chocolate chip cookies, brownies — you name it. What I am not too proud …

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Healing the World Through Chocolate

By Chef Centehua Cacao has been used as medicine for centuries. The healing properties of chocolate are outstanding. Of course, I am not talking about any of the conventional, sugary, processed, chemical, toxic candy bars. I am talking about real chocolate, the pure and amazing nut. Yes, the cacao bean is …

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