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The Benefits of Ecotherapy

By Larraine Roulston: Today’s generation of children is spending less time in natural settings. One example is that most elementary students no longer walk home for lunch. In this age of technology, most teenagers and adults as well are nature deprived. This revelation has resulted in scientists identifying the disadvantages of excessive screen …

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Let Nature Nurture Your Workout Routine

 By Amanda Wilkes: The world is a giant gymnasium with trees instead of pull-up bars, trails instead of treadmills, and lakes instead of lap pools. The world is the largest, most prestigious, continuously challenging “gym” you will ever work out in! Now, I know that all sounds great, but what …

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Obesity in Kids

By Kim Robson There certainly has been a lot of talk and media attention recently about the childhood “obesity epidemic.” We’re finding ways to cut back on the amount of sugar and processed foods our kids eat. Kids should be eating healthy foods primarily anyway, with the occasional candy as …

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Obesity – An American Epidemic

By Asha Kreiling I remember going into a Food 4 Less last year for the first time. I wanted to pick up some snacks on my way to work, but as a picky, vegetarian, health-conscious shopper, this was no easy task. It seemed as if every food product in the …

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Let nature be your gym!

By Kim Robson Staying in shape is one of our best insurance policies against illness.  Yet many, due to the recession, have had to give up gym memberships to save money.  Others, like me, just hate the idea of a gym:  all those machines remind me of hamster wheels;  the …

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Bicycling To Save the Earth!

By Asha Kreiling Driving makes me irritable.  I loathe traffic.  I despise looping around crowded streets while searching for a parking space.  I feel guilty whenever I fill up my gas tank, not only because of the cost, but also because this liquid I burn contributes to air pollution and …

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