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Tips to More Energy Efficient Heating

Heating is one of the major expenses in any home. By making your heating more energy-efficient, you can reduce heat loss, minimize any adverse impact on the environment, and save a lot of money on your energy bill. Here are some great tips to help you make your home’s heating …

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6 Easy Tips for Holiday Energy Savings

By Uma Campbell: The holidays are a time for family, food and joy. And part of that joy comes in the form of decorations. While holiday decorations can create beautiful scenes, the holidays are often an expensive time of year as well. Buying presents, food, and attending events can add …

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Energy Saving Holiday Gift Ideas

By Kacey Bradley: The holidays are here, which means that you probably have a million different things happening at once. There’s food to buy and meals to prep, a house to clean, family to invite to dinner and — what may be the most important part of the season — …

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Tips How to Use Less Energy in the Kitchen

By Larraine Roulston: Without a doubt, climate change is real and we must adapt. Not only do our collective governments need to make policies to protect their resources, but also all homemakers, chefs and short order cooks need to minimize stress on our planet by reducing their carbon emission. There are many small …

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The Benefits of Thermal Blackout Curtains

By Kim Robson: Up here in our little off-the-grid mountain home, we don’t have the option of air conditioning. Staying reasonably comfortable during the dog days of summer can be a challenge. One of the tricks in our toolkit is dark thermal curtains. Think of them as an extra, temporary …

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Space Heater Alternatives

By Kim Robson: We’re all looking for ways to keep warm this winter without paying an energy bill that’s bigger than our mortgage. Many people would like to avoid heating the entire house when they need just one room warmed. This is where electric space heaters come in handy. But …

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Greenery Your Home–Energy Efficiency

By Tiffany Miller: In the 21st century, everyone is looking for ways to save money on their energy bills. Not only is this smart because energy prices are on the rise, but it is also the right thing to do. Improving your home’s energy efficiency will help keep more carbon …

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Growing The Solar Grid

By Kim Robson We’ve discussed the importance of renewable energy many times here on Green Mom. Installing a solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) system in your home produces zero emissions and can run for decades. As a new generation of young, environmentally-minded Americans come of age, they are seeking ways to outfit …

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Get the Most Out of Your Gas Tank

By Kim Robson Let’s have a show of hands: How many of us actually believe the wildly fluctuating price of oil has anything to do with supply and demand? How many of us believe it has more to do with oil companies’ breaking their own profit records each and every …

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