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The Stinging Truth about Stinging Nettles

By Fredrica Syren: The other day someone told me they found stinging nettle and I could barely contain my excitement. Stingingnettle is one of the earliest green plants to emerge each spring in many cold climates and is worth the hard work of finding them, picking them without getting a …

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Urban Foraging–Nature’s Pantry

By Kim Robson: Most people think of foraging as an activity only for those lucky enough to live in remote forests or idyllic fields. But just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t hunt for and collect nutritious food and plants to add to your diet. And …

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Weeds—Green Little Yummy Stuff  

By Chef Centehua: Under appreciated, overlooked, misunderstood. Some are even called invasive … I am talking about weeds. These healing plants growing in our area are loaded with medicinal properties.Even those of us living in suburban areas can find a lot of herbs that can be incredibly beneficial to our health. …

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Edible Weeds: Don’t Fight Them – Eat Them!

By Fredrica Syren: Most people, when finding dandelions or nettle in their garden, will with a sigh figure out how to get rid of them. Not me! When I come into my garden and find these little weeds, I cheer. Many weeds are edible and quite nutritional. During spring and …

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It’s Nettle Season!

By Valerie Yoder: It’s spring!  For my family, that means more days at the playground, long walks through the woods, and the beginning of another foraging season. Harvesting wild edibles is a great excuse to spend time outdoors in early spring, not to mention a satisfying way to amp up …

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