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The Benefits of Thermal Blackout Curtains

By Kim Robson: Up here in our little off-the-grid mountain home, we don’t have the option of air conditioning. Staying reasonably comfortable during the dog days of summer can be a challenge. One of the tricks in our toolkit is dark thermal curtains. Think of them as an extra, temporary …

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5 Home Updates that Pay Off

By Uma Campbell: Most home renovations are long-term endeavors. Among the numerous articles about home renovation, one aspect stays constant — the changes you make will be the ones you literally live with. Keep that in mind as we take a moment to combine financial investment with personal enjoyment in …

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Space Heater Alternatives

By Kim Robson: We’re all looking for ways to keep warm this winter without paying an energy bill that’s bigger than our mortgage. Many people would like to avoid heating the entire house when they need just one room warmed. This is where electric space heaters come in handy. But …

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Green Room By Room Series — The Basement

By Larraine Roulston: The last segment in our Room by Room series tackles the basement. This area may serve as an exercise room, family entertainment center, children’s play room, spare bedroom or a workshop. Whatever the combination, it too should be well insulated. GREENING YOUR BASEMENT Few basements are insulated …

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Room By Room Series — Part 4 The Kitchen

By Larraine Roulston: As you have been experiencing the joy of greening your home, you are now ready for the kitchen — likely the biggest challenge in our Room by Room series. Here, opportunities abound for recycling, composting, waste reduction, water conservation and energy efficiency. GREENING THE KITCHEN First, purchase …

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Tiny Home Makes A Big Impact

By Kim Robson: Tiny homes (also called accessory dwelling units, or ADUs) are living spaces of 800 square feet or less, built on wheels and ready to be towed around to their resting grounds in backyards, RV parks, and state and national parks. A customized tiny home also makes a …

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