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Review: Organic LifeStyle

By Fredrica Syren: It is no secret that I try to buy most things organic, but anyone who does that also should look at the practice of the company being patronized. Just because they sell organic products does not mean they run a waste free or even limited waste practice. …

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Christmas Gifts That Keep Giving

By Fredrica Syren: I hate going shopping around the Christmas holiday. There is always lots of traffic, no parking spots, crowded malls — and you spend too much money. Since we try to live a simpler life with fewer belongings, I also try to be creative when it comes to gifts. And I really love giving gifts that keep on giving: I’m talking about donating money to …

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Green Holiday Wrapping

By Kim Robson: We all want to reduce waste during the holidays and avoid wrapping paper, especially non-recyclable metallic or foil paper. But I get so tired of those uninspired gift bags. Luckily, there are many creative and beautiful ways to wrap gifts that don’t harm the planet. Plenty of …

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Green Gifts for Teachers

By Larraine Roulston: The school year winds down in couple of weeks, and many students are anxious to give their teachers a special year-end present. With environmental education and nutrition high on school agendas, it would be wise to help your child select a gift emphasizing what they have learned. …

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Eco-Friendly Birthday Gifts 

By Larraine Roulston: Giving and receiving birthday gifts have become part of our culture. Even if you are not in need of anything, you still might receive a present on your big day. As for myself, I am decluttering and desire only a phone call from each of my children; …

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Ecocentric Mom Discovery Boxes

By Andrea Patin If you are looking to give a woman in your life something that will help her discover more natural, organic, sustainable and ethical products check out www.Ecocentricmom.com. With holiday shopping here, what could be better than shopping online and giving a gift that comes throughout the year. Deliveries …

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