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How to Make Your Clothes Last

By Kim Robson: Buying new clothes can be a time-consuming, expensive chore. There’s nothing worse than watching a favorite piece fall apart after a few wears because of poor workmanship or shoddy materials. There’s another reason to avoid mediocre duds: too often, cheap clothing is made by starving children laboring …

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Eco-Leather Made from Pineapple Waste

By Kim Robson:  Here at Green Mom, we’re always looking for new innovations in eco-friendly fashion. Recently we discussed exciting new CO2-based technologies for green footwear. We’re still a long way off from sustainable leather. Are there any natural, sustainable, animal-friendly alternatives that have the look, feel and durability of leather? The answer is YES. A new …

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Eco-friendly and Ethical Fashion to Keep You Warm this Winter

By Fredrica Syren: This morning when I took my kids to school, I noticed it was fairly cold outside. Yup, it’s fall. And winter is coming, and so is the need to dress warmer and … eco-friendly. Fashion and clothes have a huge impact on the planet, from pesticides used to grow theraw materials for fabrics to the chemicals used to color them. And then, how many garments end up in …

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Levi’s: Give a Little, Get a Little

By Amanda Wilkes: The Levi’s brand deserves applause for the commendable steps they have continually taken, in recent years, towards sustainability, including their newest green initiative. At some point during the year, we tend to find ourselves shuffling through our closets to get rid of the old and make room …

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Compostable Fashion

By Larraine Roulston: By design, when everyone makes a fashion statement with the environment in mind, there will never be a need for clothing to become trash. With Americans sending 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year, where they release methane, a contributor to climate change, it is …

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Eco-Friendly Fashion

 By Kim Robson: Finding clothing that’s environmentally responsible is harder than one might think. I have a friend who went to great lengths to find “vegan” shoes (i.e. made without any animal products) that weren’t Crocs and looked nice enough to wear to work. Ordinary shoe stores were useless: he …

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