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Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy

By Fredrica Syren: It’s dinnertime, the kids are starved, and you draw a blank about what to make for dinner —so you just order a pizza. Have you ever been in this situation? Well, I have. And finally I realized that I had to generate a weekly meal plan or …

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dinner menu for this week

The weather has been lovely this week and apparently it’s suppose to continue for the remaining of the week. When it’s was cold all I wanted was warm and creamy food but now I crave a lot of vegetables and fruits in their natural state, raw. So lunch this week …

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This is the dinner menu for this week. I will be making extra for Bella and James because I’m leaving for one week for Sweden on Sunday so they will be eating leftovers from the freezer. Monday: Qourn with creamy dijon sauce, broccoli and whole wheat pasta Tuesday: Barley bake …

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This weeks menu

I love it when I’m already with the menu on early Sunday. However this week will be short since we’re flying to Hawaii on early Thursday morning. We’ll be gone for a week but I will try to blog from the island about cooking and eating hawaiian food. Yummy!!!!! For …

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Dinner menu for this week

I got a couple of requests for a menu of what we eat for dinner during the week so here it is. Monday: Cauliflower pure, mustard marinated quorn fille and broccoli Tuesday: Whole wheat saffron couscous with braised pumpkin, white beans and zucchini Wednesday: Nut loaf served with baked sweet …

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