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Reduce Food Waste — Fridge Google

By Fredrica Syren: Ok, so how many times have you had a few different vegetables and other food items in the fridge, but you still stood there scratching your head because you didn’t know what to cook? And then, you either went shopping for more food to make a complete …

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Americans Are Reclaiming Their Kitchens

By Kim Robson: There’s a growing trend emerging in America: we’re cooking again! And not just with the microwave, either. Too many of us have been relying for too long on the quick and easy — fast food, takeout, and frozen dinners that require little or no assembly or reheating. …

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Why Teaching Kids Cooking Skills Is So Important

 By Fredrica Syren:  My husband can’t cook for the life of him. Ok, well, he can kind of scramble some eggs and make pancakes from a mix. But that’s it. He says it’s because, as a child, he had no interest in learning to cook, and no one felt the need to teach him. This is the reason he believes whole heartedly that all three of …

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Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy

By Fredrica Syren: No matter whether you’re a meat eater or a full-time vegetarian, eating more plant-based food is good for the planet, your wallet and your health. Whenever I talk to people who would like to include more vegetarian food in their diet or would like to cook more …

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Giving Kids the Freedom to Cook

By Larraine Roulston: We allow our kids to play in the sand, making imaginary dinners without direction. So why do most parents not allow “free range” in the kitchen? Is it our fear of burnt fingers or cuts from a knife or grater? Could it also be the thought of …

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Best Oils To Cook With

By Amanda Wilkes: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat that keeps “bad” LDL cholesterol low and enhances levels of “good” HDL cholesterol. An extra bonus is that extra virgin olive oil is filled with antioxidants linked to good heart health. Uses: My favorite way to use …

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Benefits of Cooking in Bulk

By Amanda Wilkes: For so many years I lived alone and always disliked cooking because I unfailingly would have too many leftovers. (I’d be beyond disgusted with my spaghetti by day three!) I guess I just didn’t know any better, but why didn’t I think to freeze my oversized meals …

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Cast Iron: A Safer Nonstick Cookware

By Dawna Matthews: Over the decades, most home kitchens have strayed away from traditional cookware and opted for nonstick pans. In recent years, we have discovered that this nonstick cookware contains toxic chemicals called perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and are harmful to our health. These chemicals are linked to short term side …

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One-Pot Meals — Add More to Your Life

By Dawna Matthews: It seems everyone I know is busy. Our lives are filled with family, friends, school, work, and everything in between. Oftentimes it seems inconvenient to cook and clean up dishes, and more convenient to eat on the go; but, as we all know, fast food tends not …

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