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Don’t Get Greenwashed

By Fredrica Syren: Ever since my family and I went green and committed ourselves to reducing our carbon footprint and using only eco-friendly products, I have marveled at the way consumers’ high demand for greener choices has created the trend of more options for eco-friendly products. But, as a consumer, …

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Organic Wine and Beer

 By Kim Robson Planning for wine or beer on for Valentines Day? Then make sure to serve organic. Humans have been fermenting fruits, vegetables, and grains since the dawn of civilization. Ancient Mesopotamians stored “liquid bread” for later, using straws to drink beer from large vats as early as 9,000 …

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Zenoobi.com Review

By Fredrica Syren As a busy mom, instead of running around town, I like to shop for a lot of things online because it saves me tons of time. I find it much easier to find eco-friendly products on the Internet and it’s easy to compare prices. Nowadays, a growing …

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H&M’s Organic and Recycled Clothing

By Asha Kreiling Most consumers are unaware of the impacts that our clothes make on the environment. From the raw materials that go into making clothes, to their production and transportation, clothing has serious effects on the environment. The textile industry uses various natural and man-made fibers, including wool, silk, …

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Reduce Waste and Upcycle with TerraCycle

By Asha Kreiling While writing a previous article on green dental care, I found out about a great company called TerraCycle, which offers a program to accept “non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste,” such as toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes. After looking at the website , I decided TerraCycle deserved an article …

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Junk Mail, Be Gone!

By Asha Kreiling I love getting mail, but I am frequently disappointed when I open my mail box only to see it filled with junk! In fact, I get more junk mail than personal letters, and I’m sure this is true for most people. Not only is it annoying to …

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Fresh and Clean! Eco-friendly Products for Your Daily Routine

By Asha Kreiling: How many body and skincare products do you use in a day?  We have shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, shaving cream, body lotion, face moisturizer, toothpaste, deodorant, makeup –the list goes on!  The point is this:  we slather on a lot of creams and soaps every …

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