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Are You a Slave to Coffee?

Many of us do not function in the morning without our first cup of coffee, and with so many big brands such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts making billions out of us each year selling us coffee, it may be that as a nation, we are addicted. Caffeine is an …

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Zero Waste Coffee and Tea

By Fredrica Syren: Coffee and tea are a big part of my daily routines. I usually have a cup of tea or coffee next to me as I work or play with my kids. It used to be that I would pick up a cup of coffee or tea from …

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Coffee Conundrum: Ways to Make Coffee Culture More Sustainable

By Christina Belloso: The popularization of our coffee culture has made accessibility of coffee more efficient than ever. From smaller, independent cafes popping up in the city, to the increase of at-home coffee systems being purchased, consumers are enjoying convenience without compromising on quality. Unfortunately, the environment suffers as the …

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Best Ways and Reasons To Make Coffee at Home

By Emma Grace Fairchild: Those who know me know how big of a role coffee plays in my daily life. It’s the first part of my routine in the morning and a frequent guest in my afternoons as well. My apartment currently holds five different ways to make coffee (and …

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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee–More Uses for Old Coffee Grounds

By Larraine Roulston: Besides composting coffee grounds and sprinkling them around rose bushes, I’ve discovered there are other ways to utilize this valuable resource. There appear to be some very clever people who have discovered several ways to put the daily java grounds to good use. Other sneaky uses for the …

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Coffee and the Environment

By Emma Grace Fairchild: Most of us absolutely love coffee. Whether it is a necessity to start the day or a crucial part of our social life, different roasts and drinks – all coming from the humble coffee bean – keep millions of people across the world going. The prevalence …

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