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10 Green Tips For Green Parenting

By Fredrica Syren:  I get so many questions about my best tips for green parenting and eco-friendly children. I totally understand how overwhelming it can be to have so many choices and know that the one you make may create a toxic environment. Toxins common in babies’ and kids’ materials …

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The Importance Of Healthy Lunch For Children

By Dawn Matthews Food is something I am passionate about. My father and grandmother always instilled in me the way family comes together, the way you nurture one another through the preparation, the cooking, and the eating, and just the sharing of food and time at the table. Every day …

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Raising Vegan Children

By Fredrica Syren: My kids are vegan…there I said it! Whenever I tell people I’m raising three vegan kids, I get all kinds of responses, everything from “Good job!” to “Oh my, that must be hard.” Usually most comments are followed with “How are you sure your kids get everything …

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Fewer Chemicals in Teen Girls Using Better Beauty Products

By Fredrica Syren: After all the studies, talks and warnings about the dangers of chemicals found in common beauty products, it’s so refreshing to hear how switching to greener cosmetics can make a difference. A new study by researchers from both the University of California, Berkeley, and Clinica de Salud …

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Fighting Global Anemia with the Lucky Iron Fish

By Emma Grace Fairchild:   Sometimes it isn’t the most futuristic idea, but a simple and holistic one, that solves problems. Nutritional deficiencies,a frequent issue, often can be addressed with a bit of creativity while working quickly and directly to help people in need. Cambodia has a high population of people …

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Energy Drinks — Stimulating Children Adversely

By Dawna Matthews: Energy seems to be a commodity most people want more of in their life. We all have experienced the mid-afternoon slump, lack of concentration, and even downright exhaustion. Historically, we humans have tried foods, herbs and drinks like tea or coffee to wake us up or make …

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