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How to Childproof Your Home

ByJennifer McLean:  Babies and toddlers are naturally inquisitive about their surroundings and often thrive from new experiences. As soon as they learn to crawl, they love nothing more than quests of discovery to explore and navigate their home environment. Giving your child the freedom to explore is essential for his/her …

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The Importance of Baby-Proofing Furniture

By Kim Robson: When I was a kid, I had a six-foot-tall bookshelf in my bedroom. One day my mom caught me climbing up the shelves to reach something on the top. She made sure I understood how dangerous that was, and made me promise never to do it again. That’s what stepladders are for. I …

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Energy Drinks — Stimulating Children Adversely

By Dawna Matthews: Energy seems to be a commodity most people want more of in their life. We all have experienced the mid-afternoon slump, lack of concentration, and even downright exhaustion. Historically, we humans have tried foods, herbs and drinks like tea or coffee to wake us up or make …

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Children’s Car Seats May Contain Chemicals

By Fredrica Syren: When we buy a car seat for our child, our primary concern is safety, especially in case of an accident. We might even look for it to be practical and easy to use. Most of us never think about how the car seat itself might be doused …

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