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Denim Jeans Recycling

By Fredrica Syren: This last summer my husband had two of his denim Levis jeans rip and become unwearable. And my kids, well, they go through jeans as if they were being dragged on the ground all day long. Of course I try to patch and repair as best as I can to extend their life a wee bit longer, but ultimately the jeans’ days are numbered. Then the question …

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Is Your Sofa Killing You?–Chemicals Lurking In Your Home

By James Harker-Syren Last week, if someone had asked me, “What about this picture is potentially killing your kids?” I would have looked at them like they were crazy.  This is my Facebook profile picture, for crying out loud. What are you talking about? One day while driving to work, I …

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Toxic Free Kids–Chemicals Lurking In Sleepwear

By Fredrica Syren As I learn more about toxins in our lives and how to try reducing them for my family it’s amazing to think about how we take for granted that what our kids sleep in is safe from toxins and how deceptive that can be. When my daughter was …

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Organic Baby Clothes — Why it Matters and How To Afford Them

By Fredrica Syren: With our firstborn, I was so happy to get pretty much everything, including all her clothes, as hand-me-downs, which saved us lots of money and saved the environment. As most parents know, with a baby comes the need to buy lots of things for them: furniture, car …

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EU Votes for Stricter Rules on Textile Chemical

By Fredrica Syren: It’s a huge victory for all environmental groups who have been fighting to have a dangerous chemical called Nonylphenol banned. In July, it was announced that EU had voted “yes” on this very important law regarding chemicals found in textiles. Nonylphenol is a toxic xenobiotic compound with …

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