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How to Avoid Hormone-Harming Endocrine Disruptors

By Fredrica Syren: As a woman with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease, I’m always concerned with hormones or anything else that disrupts my hormone system. So, I immersed myself in learning more about what disrupts hormones and how I can reduce exposure to those things. Well, the more I learned, …

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Fewer Chemicals in Teen Girls Using Better Beauty Products

By Fredrica Syren: After all the studies, talks and warnings about the dangers of chemicals found in common beauty products, it’s so refreshing to hear how switching to greener cosmetics can make a difference. A new study by researchers from both the University of California, Berkeley, and Clinica de Salud …

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What’s in Your Deodorant?

By Fredrica Syren: For most of us, deodorant is part of our daily routine. We can’t imagine life without it. It’s considered a lifesaver and a reassurance. I have gone from using regular store bought deodorants to natural kinds, but lately I learned about the hidden dangers of the active …

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Chemicals Lurking in Bread

By Fredrica Syren: Did you know that bread requires only four ingredients — flour, yeast, water and salt? So it’s mind boggling that almost all breads sold at grocery stores contain a number of additives … which are not all food, by the way. It’s a sad fact that packaged …

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Organic, Food-Grade Deodorant that Works!

By Andrea Patin: I am not a woman who “glows,” I sweat. I have tried many all natural deodorants over the years- crystals, liquids, clays. Each providing a glimmer of sweet smelling hope until midday strikes. Finally, I have found something that actually works! Unfortunately, mainstream deodorant (and even some “natural” brands) …

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The Bad Smell of Deodorants

 By Centehua Deneken: We are the only creatures on earth that I know of that mask their scent. We have created an entire industry of perfumes, lotions, oils, deodorants, etc. We love smelling good. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, like all things modern, mass produced and industrialized, our favorite …

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