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Creativity Without Worries—Nontoxic Art Supplies

By Fredrica Syren: My kids have always loved to produce art. They love everything — painting, drawing, sewing, building and sculpting with playdough or clay. It’s just great to see how creative they get and have so much fun. Especially during our summer break, we spend more time creating art. …

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Circle of Poison Documentary

By Kim Robson: Let’s suppose for a moment that you run a company that produces toxic chemical pesticides. Those pesky environmental folks and that meddling EPA have just banned your best-selling pesticide from use in the United States. The solution? Slap a “For Export Only” label on it and sell …

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DIY Earth Friendly Cleaning Products

By Larraine Roulston: To make our homes sparkle, manufactures of cleaning products have done a good job convincing us to clean, deodorize and disinfect using their products. Household cleaning chores, however, do not require toxic chemicals. Simple, chemically free and much less expensive solutions are right at your fingertips.   A …

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