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Quinoa casserole

What a day, I’ve been in and out all day, been driving here and there and finally teaching a yoga class in La Jolla. I hate being away from the kids and when I finally made it home I just had a few sacred moments with them. Tomorrow is a …

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Provencal Tofu Casserole

We’re having a heatwave here and me and Noah are so miserable because we can’t go outside and we’re getting a little cabin fever. On top of this Noah is teething and not his happy wonderful self. I try to take kids out for a walk in the morning and …

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Vegetable and bean casserole

Because I had lots of vegetables and beans and was not feeling my best with my hip pain, I made a very simple casserole for Saturday night dinner. I guess it must have been really good because when Bella and daddy was waiting for test results and Children’s hospital she …

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The Best Vegetable Casserole Ever!!!!

Today has been a beautiful sunny day unfortunately poor Noah is struggling with some tummy problems and had a bad night and morning. I took him down to Mission Bay for a hike and enjoyed being outside and he enjoyed taking a nap in the fresh air. I was starved …

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Seitan casserole with curry and mango

A creamy casserole with taste of mango and curry, could it be better? These are some of my favorite flavor combination sweet and spicy. Kids will love the sweetness and cream and you can add more curry after you remove their portion for an extra kick. 1 1/2 cup coconut …

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Shepard’s pie with indian flavors

Someone asked me where I get my inspiration for my blog. I think I live and breath cooking and food and when I go out to a restaurant or read recipes I like to figure out how to make dishes vegetarian and with my spin on things. Tonight’s dinner was …

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Tofu & cashew casserole

I suddenly have all this energy at 36 weeks pregnant and have been cooking and baking up a storm which is freaking out hubby who thinks it’s the calm before the storm and I will go into labor soon. I personally think it’s just me loving how my new kitchen …

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Mexican casserole

I always say if you have tomatoes and cooked beans at home you can make a meal. Today was one of those days when we had been out and about all day so when we came home in the evening we were starved and I had to come up with …

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Fall casserole

This ended up being an amazing dinner with so many beautiful and colorful vegetables as well as flavors. It was all hiding under a layer of cheese and I always say that vegetables and beans covered by cheese can fool anyone to appreciate vegetarian food, even the pickiest eater. Now …

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