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Parsley Pesto

My friend and I have a little exchange going on where she gives me lettuce, parsley, limes and jalapeno peppers from her garden and I give her artichokes and other goodies I have an overflow of. Yesterday, after our little girls had a play date I was so excited when …

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Creamy Detoxifing Blueberry Smoothie

James is on a detox diet, so that means no dairy, soy, flour or sugar. As you can imagine versatility in his menu can seem limited at times and a creative mind is a must to make breakfast interesting. I think I am the right woman for the job. I …

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Cashew Chipotle Sauce

My quest for creamy, non-dairy sauces continues and today I tried using cashews for a base. It worked really well! I perked it up by adding chipotle peppers to make it a nice smoky and spicy sauce. The sauce can be used as enchilada sauce or like me, used it …

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Cashew Sausages

These little American style “sausages” come from adding good ingredients that were in my cupboard. Being creative in the kitchen is what excites me! Cashew nuts seemed like a great base since their natural sweetness would appeal to a toddler. In the past I have used rice or potatoes as …

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