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Preserving Food without a Refrigerator

By Larraine Roulston: As homesteaders in Canada’s Peace River District, my grandparents hunted for meat, and planted fruit trees and vegetables. Without refrigeration, my granny also had to store enough of their harvest to last the family until the next growing season. One method was the use of a root cellar …

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Summer Canning Recipes

By Kim Robson  This summer has provided such a bounty of beautiful, fragrant and colorful produce that it’s hard not to take it all home. Luckily, when you know how to can, you CAN take it all home and preserve it for later! I found some gorgeous “red velvet” nectarines …

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Canning—Preserving Natures Best

By Kim Robson I used to be so intimidated by the idea of canning and preserving food. It seemed like one of those arcane activities only hard-core country homesteaders take part in, like sewing your own clothes or raising chickens. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I was never exposed …

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