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Beet Burgers

These beet burgers are a staple food at home and can be eaten like a burger, or as a patty with rice, pasta or roasted vegetables or with a salad.               ½ cup oats 3 tbsp. corn starch 15 ounces cooked white beans or …

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Veggie Burger Recipes

By Kim Robson: When faced with limited vegetarian options in restaurants, I can almost always fall back on a veggie burger. The frozen patties are usually from MorningStar Farms, and they’re okay in a pinch. Sometimes even the meat eaters like veggie patties for a change of pace and a …

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Meatless Monday — Tex-Mex Bean Burgers

 By Fredrica Syren:  Happy Monday! And if it’s a meatless one, even better. I do love a good bean burger, and these tex-mex burgers are my favorite. If you are trying to lose some weight, beans should be your friends. Beans are loaded with protein, iron and fiber, so they …

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Chipotle Black Bean Burgers

By Fredrica Syren As a vegetarian, I eat lots of beans and gladly so, because I love them. If your goal is to be healthy or to lose some weight, then beans should be your best friends. Beans are super foods and unique because, not only are they a well-known …

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Sweet potato & black bean patties

James has been working all weekend so I’ve been on my own which is fun but can be stressful and lonely sometimes.  When I have a long day with both kids and no help I tend to make it easy for myself and cook fast and simple food. I craved …

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Black bean & chipotle burgers

I was craving fast food today but vegetarian style and this what I ended up with. I usually don’t eat canned beans but I’ve had this canned back beans forever so I decided to finally use it up. Black beans goes so well with spices such as chipotle.  Bean burgers …

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Cashew Sausages

These little American style “sausages” come from adding good ingredients that were in my cupboard. Being creative in the kitchen is what excites me! Cashew nuts seemed like a great base since their natural sweetness would appeal to a toddler. In the past I have used rice or potatoes as …

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