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111 Reasons Breastfeeding Can Benefit Our Families and the Planet

Breastfeeding was a way of life for women and families long before formula was ever invented, and there’s a strong, growing movement to bring it back to the forefront. It not only provides the best nutrition you can give your child, but it doesn’t harm the environment either. Our planet could …

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The Science of Starting Solids

By Linda F. Palmer:  Every child and every family has different preferences, genetic tendencies, and needs. Parents and babies are also full of natural instincts that help guide them, if allowed. Babies know when they want to start solid foods but the question still receives a lot of attention among …

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Medela Launches Breast Pump Recycling Program

By Fredrica Syren: Environmentally friendly mothers who don’t feel like simply throwing their old pumps into a landfill might be faced with whole lot of challenge about what to do with them. Sadly, there have been no programs out there that make it easy for moms to dispose of their …

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Nursing — And Endless Questioning of It

By Fredrica Syren: I am fortunate to have breastfed three kids. I nursed my last one the longest, for 22 months, and he just stopped on his own. I have to say that I was not ever really prepared for when my kids would stop nursing, and it always left …

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The Joy of Breastfeeding

By Chef Centehua: For me, nursing is the ultimate expression of divine motherly love. Nature’s law is giving. Mothers give nourishment through their bodies so that their babies may thrive. It’s a beautiful and poetic metaphor for the way our earth mother cares for all of us, feeding us generously …

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Food for a Breastfeeding Mom

By Fredrica Syren Within days of coming home with my new bundle of joy, I started to feel depleted and tired to the bone. My body had just been though labor and delivery, and I now have three kids; so it’s really not that surprising. However, I also noticed that …

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