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Organic Wine and Beer

 By Kim Robson Planning for wine or beer on for Valentines Day? Then make sure to serve organic. Humans have been fermenting fruits, vegetables, and grains since the dawn of civilization. Ancient Mesopotamians stored “liquid bread” for later, using straws to drink beer from large vats as early as 9,000 …

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Understanding Our Drinking Water

By Asha Kreiling Water is essential. Our bodies cannot function without it. Our bodies obtain our daily water needs from the liquid in fruits, vegetables, juices, beverages, etc.; but plain water is the best and simplest means of hydration. Due to concerns over municipal tap water quality or simply because …

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Fair Trade Coffee

 By Kim Robson Many people are surprised to learn that, as a world commodity, coffee is second only to oil. Over 100 million Americans drink coffee on a daily basis and spend $18 billion a year on the drink. Grown in more than 70 countries, coffee comes from three main …

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The Health and Tradition of Yerba Mate

By Asha Kreiling Although I love the aroma and flavor of coffee, I stopped drinking it because it upset my stomach, gave me headaches, and made me jittery and a little bit addicted. Then I discovered yerba mate and fell in love. I like the drink primarily for its robust …

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Kombucha — A Miracle Drink or Just Another Trend?

By Asha Kreiling It seems that every few months a new so-called super food or miracle drink that supposedly provides impressive health benefits and cures stubborn ailments appears on the market. Many of these food trends, such as goji berries, acai berries, chia seeds, and kombucha, do indeed have medicinal …

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Smoothies for Kids

By Chef Centehua I began adding smoothies to my diet when my first born was around one year old. He really wasn’t interested in food, and I was breast feeding and making fruit smoothies with spirulina. He loved them, and the spirulina provided essential protein and minerals for us both. …

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Think Green, Think Health and Drink Greens

By Fredrica Syren: A couple a years ago after the birth of my daughter, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s disease. It’s a chronic disorder that affects the thyroid, a part of the endocrine system, which produces hormones that coordinate many of the body’s activities. Two major …

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Herbal Teas To Grow and Drink

by Asha Kreiling: Did you know that oolong, green, white and black tea are all made from the same plant?  The Camellia sinesis plant is actually what defines tea:  it is the “tea plant.”  Other teas such as herbal varieties are made from brewing various flowers, leaves, seeds and roots, not the Camellia …

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Transitioning from Holiday Feasting to Juice Feasting

By Chef Centehua With the holidays now behind, many of us are left feeling a little heavy from festive indulgences. I recently returned from visiting family and friends, and while traveling I am always more flexible with regard to food, especially when celebrating with my loved ones. The new year …

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