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Could Grass-Fed Beef Be Threatening Wild Horses?

By Emma Grace Fairchild: Wild horses and burros in the United States are a beautiful part of the natural history of the nation. Referred to as “Living Legends of the West,” they embody beauty and freedom for those who love animals and nature. Considering the emotional connection many people feel …

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Meatless Mondays: What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

By Dawna Matthews: I used to fast one day a week and the day I chose was Monday. It just seemed like the best choice for me since it is at the beginning and tends to be more hectic than the rest of the week. These days I still fast, …

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A Close Look at Meat

By Chef Centehua First of all, I’d like to ask the questions “Where is the beef?” or “Where does it come from?” Of course that is followed by another question: “What’s in the meat?”  Our grandparents didn’t have to ask these questions. Their meat came from the farmer who had a few cows …

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Chickpea burgers

These are one of my favorite bean burgers because they are easy to make, they stay together during cooking and they appeal to both kids and adults. Bella loves to eat them with BBQ sauce while Noah just loves to eat them as fast as possible and as many in …

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Bulgur & bean patties

I’m so happy my vegetable garden is in full bloom after all the rain we been having and now finally the sun. I love being out there working and pulling weeds. My potatoes and garlic came up this week and my fava beans are grown like mad. I love eating …

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Tomato Lentil Patties

It has been a super busy day and here I’m now sitting watching Fried Green Tomatoes and drinking some tea while kids are sleeping and James is at yoga. Dinner was delicious lentil patties served with pasta,, swiss chard and broccoli. The patties are packed with protein from the lentils …

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Curried black bean patties

Early mornings are my favorite right now. When Bella has left for school and Noah is napping, I drink tea and work while sitting in the garden. This morning was quit cold so I had to wear a sweater, I guess fall is here. Black beans are one of my …

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