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Walnut pate sandwich with pear and arugula

Hello how is the holiday pre going? I’m working on last touches but took a break for lunch. This sandwich has my favorite flavor combinations of sweet, salty and spicy. The pate is made with walnuts which are one of the protein rich plant source. It’s also rich in omega …

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Fig and pumpkin seed bread

We never buy bread because it’s cheaper to bake your own, it tastes better and there are no additives in it. So about a couple of times of month I bake a lot of bread and freeze. That way we always have fresh bread accessible. This fig and pumpkin seed …

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Breakfast bread

When we lived in Paris we used to every morning go and buy fresh bread for breakfast. It always tasted to wonderful this warm bread. The last mornings I’ve been serving warm and fresh bread for breakfast for me and Bella but instead of buying it I’ve baked it myself. …

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Walnut cookies

Something I love to do is to bake cookies. It’s so easy and taste much better than store bought plus you know what’s in them. Since hubby and my little guy are both sensitive to gluten, I had to learn how to make gluten-free goodies and believe me it has …

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Tea Bread Buns

This is another home baked bread from Sweden we call tea breads. Why I have no idea. Especially since Swedes are more famous for the amount of coffee they drink rather than tea. It makes no sense to me. Regardless, these little breads are super soft flat buns that taste …

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Zucchini Apple Bread

I love my mornings because it’s just me and Noah having fun and cuddling. I love getting wet and snotty kisses from my little man. We usually spend a fair amount of time in the garden taking care of all of our vegetables and fruit plants. Noah is finally old …

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Swedish Sugar Sponge Cake

This is a cake everyone has their own version of in Sweden (we’re I’m from.) The cake is very simple and fast to whip-up. When you have an unexpected visitor in Sweden this is probably what you would make and serve with coffee. My friend Amanda loves when my Swedish …

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Pasta Veggie Bake

I had planned to make lasagna today and here I was with ready with veggies, cream sauce and tomato sauce just to realize that I was out of lasagna sheets. Well, change of plans and I used penne pasta instead and made a bake pasta dish. It all tastes the …

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Plum Galettes

I get so excited this time of the year when I go to the farmer’s market. After a long winter with mostly apples, oranges and root vegetables a greater variety of veggies and fruits are now available. When I found plums on Saturday I knew what I was going to …

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Toasting bread with seeds

No this is not bread that gives a fabulous toast but bread that is perfect to use to make toast. I have craved toast with jam with my tea, which is such Swedish thing.  My friend Jess who also is Swedish came over for a tea, toast with jam breakfast this …

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