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The Problem with Baby Wipes

By Fredrica Syren: Being a parent to a baby is exhausting, so doing anything that will make the job a little bit easier is welcomed. For most new parents, just the thought of cloth diapers is out of question because it seems simply impossible. With my first baby, I was …

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Just Say No to Baby Food Pouches

By Kim Robson: The latest horrifying example of single-use non-recyclable plastic packaging in the name of convenience (I’m looking at you, K-Cups) seems to be baby food pouches. Instead of packaging baby food in reusable, recyclable, inexpensive glass jars, we now have single-use suckable plastic pouches — no dishes or …

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Simple and Natural Ways to Cope with the Baby Blues

By Jackie Edwards: Most people think that the first few days after giving birth are some of the most joyous moments in a mother’s life. After all, nothing can be more special than welcoming a new addition to the family. However, some moms may feel weepy, vulnerable, irritable and emotional …

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DIY Baby Food

By Kim Robson: Not so very long ago, moms didn’t have the luxury of purchasing ready-to-eat Gerber baby foods in shelf-stable jars. Our grandmothers all made their baby’s food at home, from scratch. The bonus? It’s fast, easy, saves money, and reduces waste. Plus, by making the baby food, you …

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How to Reduce Disposable Items During the Baby Years

By Fredrica Syren: When I had my first baby, I was horrified at how much waste I was suddenly producing. Between the disposable diapers, wipes, baby creams, baby food jars and containers, papers towels and — of course, let’s never forget the endless number of tissues it takes to wipes …

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Cloth Diapers on a Budget

By Fredrica Syren: I see more and more eco-friendly parents choosing cloth diapers for their babies, which is a trend I’m very happy about; however, for some parents, the initial cost of cloth diapers might be discouraging. Let’s face the fact that diapers, no matter whether cloth or disposable, are …

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Rainbow Baby Blessing

By Fredrica Syren: The day my son Noah was born was one of my happiest. He made us a family of four, brought us a son, and made our first child a big sister. But what most people don’t know about Noah is that he’s extra special because he’s our …

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Can We Hold Our Child Too Much?

By Fredrica Syren Ever since my first baby was born almost 9 years ago, I’ve heard that you should not “spoil” babies and hold them too much, that they would then require being held all the time and wouldn’t self soothe or sleep. I guess there is some truth to this. …

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Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Buys

By Amanda Wilkes: In the past five months, I have been in four weddings! Yes, it has been crazy and, yes, it has been a whirlwind. But I have had some amazing fun and have created countless, priceless memories with some of my closest friends. I couldn’t be happier for …

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Baby-led Weaning—When the Baby Decides

By Laura Lotte: I probably would have gone with the baby food that’s recommended everywhere if I hadn’t stumbled over the baby-led weaning book. (Even though I never felt quite comfortable with the idea of feeding my baby mashes that hardly taste of what’s actually in them.) Allowing my baby …

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