Spring Cleaning for the Busy Mom: What to Do Yourself vs Hiring a Professional

By Kacey Bradley:
Being a mom means that you give up lots of your time either to take care of your kids or to take care of your house. Kids are one of the greatest joys you can experience, but they can leave a great mess in their wake. Most of the time, you probably find yourself putting off the big cleaning projects because you have other things to do. There are ballet classes to attend, carpools to complete, and groceries to restock. It makes jobs like cleaning the gutters not look so urgent.
This spring, learn what you can clean yourself and what you can put into the hands of a professional. While it’s good to save money where you can in order to use green cleaning products and get things done the way you like them, sometimes it’s better to invest in a professional. Read on to learn which jobs you should get done this spring while the kids are napping or at a friend’s house, and which ones you should save up for in order to hire the best professional cleaners in town.

  1. Wipe Down Your Windows

Windows are those things in the house that you use every day without actually thinking about them. Especially when winter ends, your windows have put up with lots of dirt and moisture that have probably left marks and smears. Make it a weekend project to clean both the outside and inside of your windows so they’ll shine all summer long. Take a few minutes to whip up a natural glass cleaner and you’ll be good to go once Saturday rolls back around.

  1. Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Most houses now come with tan colored carpet because bold colors are out and no one wants to see the paths left in well-worn, dirty carpet that’s a light color. You can vacuum all you want, but there’s still going to be bacteria and dirt that make their way down past where the vacuum can reach. This spring—and at least once each year—you should hire a professional to clean your carpets to avoid common mistakes that could ruin your floors. In the long run, it’ll be worth the expense.

  1. Organize Your Garage

Another big project that’s easily put off is organizing your garage. It’s the place where everything seems to end up even if you never meant for it to find a home there. Baseball gloves wind up next to board games, and all of it gets covered in spiders. Get the kids involved to help you clean your garage. There are even green ways to makeover your garage if you really want to give it a facelift this spring.

  1. Schedule It All for One Time

There’s only so much you can do at one time. You’re not superhuman! If you can’t find a way to clean the way you want, don’t be hard on yourself. Sometimes life is super busy, and that’s why professionals are out there to offer their help. They can do everything from dusting to de-cluttering, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.
When your mind starts to turn to the cleaning, you know it has to get done. This spring, don’t force yourself to take on everything alone. Your family is there to help; and when you need them, professionals will be there, too. Find the right balance between getting projects done and overworking. That’s where you’ll find that you and your family are the happiest.

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