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Going green is something that you can do everywhere, including in the kitchen. The environment needs more attention than ever, and you can contribute to saving the planet by becoming an environmentally-friendly chef.
So, what can you actually do to cook in an environmentally-friendly way? Here are some top tips to follow.

Bring Your Own Bag

Going green in the kitchen actually starts, well, outside of the kitchen. The next time you go to shop for ingredients, be sure to bring your own bag. You can avoid using plastic bags offered by grocery stores, and you don’t have to resort to using brown bags either.
A good habit to get into is keeping a shopping bag in the car. After shopping, empty the bag and immediately return it to your car. This way, you will not forget to bring your bag again.

Fewer Trips

Speaking about shopping, you can also reduce the number of times you have to go to the shops. Going on fewer trips means saving fuel. It also means you can avoid making impulse purchases which leads to food wastage.
Planning ahead also lets you be more meticulous with the items you buy. Make a list of items you need and try to find greener alternatives before actually going to the shops. If you want to switch to organic vegetables, planning lets you prepare for the switch better.

Use Green Tools

Another thing you can do is invest in green kitchen appliances and accessories. With electrical appliances, for instance, you want to use only the tools designed to be efficient with energy consumption. You’ll be surprised by how much you can save in the long run.
As for accessories, stick with tools that utilize green and renewable materials. Instead of plastic cutting boards, use a wood cutting board. You get the same benefits, better durability, and a nice touch of that wooden texture in your kitchen.

Mind the Water

Whether it is for washing fruits and vegetables or for doing the dishes, taking extra care with how you use water is something worth doing. Conserving water isn’t just good for the environment, but for your wallet as well.
At the same time, you should switch from chemical-based cleaning solutions to organic ones. Thanks to the green movement, finding kitchen soap and other cleaning agents that don’t harm the environment is easier. They are more affordable too!

Go the Extra Mile

There are plenty of extra little things you can do to save energy. For example, you can switch to LED bulbs and only use the lights when necessary. This alone will make for a greener kitchen. The same can be said for unplugging the appliancesyou don’t use.
One habit you want to drop is spending time in front of the refrigerator with the door open. Make sure you only open the refrigerator when necessary, and that you close the door properly afterwards. This too is a small step that results in a massive energy saving.

Start Recycling

Ideally, you want to minimize product packaging that goes to waste. You can be more conscious when choosing the products that you use in order to limit your exposure to plastic packaging and other waste. This, however, is not always possible.
The next best thing is recycling. Have some bins in the kitchen and separate your garbage accordingly. Organic garbage is the perfect ingredient for composting. Recyclable garbage, on the other hand, can be separated immediately.
These top tips are easy to apply, and they let you become an environmentally-friendly chefin the making, and what better time to start than today!

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