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Six Most Polluted Countries in the World

 By Amanda Wilkes:

Most of us know about pollution. In fact, many of us live in it every single day. What may be more shocking than the pollution itself is discovering which countries have been named as the biggest polluters in the world. Is your country included on the top six pack of polluters? 
china#1 China

 China is the number one country leading the polluter pack worldwide. This does not come as a surprise, as it has been happening for generations due to their focus on industrialization for economic growth. Beijing, being the worst city contributing to the pollution, recently issued a “red alert,” which shut down schools, factories and the majority of public places within the city limits. The biggest polluting contributors in China are coal burning sights, steel plants and an unimaginable number of vehicles.
#2 U.S.A.

 Despite its efforts to encourage others around the world, the U.S.A. is doing little to cut down on the pollution being produced on its own soil. Particulate matter produced in major cities drifts to other areas within the region and severely affects the air quality. Two more major contributors to the pollution problem in the U.S. are the fertilizers and animals waste that directly correlate to massive agricultural production throughout the United States.  India#3 India 

 India has quickly become the third most polluted country in the world and hosts the most polluted city across the globe, New Delhi. India has its own contributors to pollution,including biomass burning, fuel wood burning, fuel adulteration, agricultural crop burning, traffic congestion and vehicle emissions. Many measures have been taken to reduce pollution; however, they still have a long way to go. 

Russia pollution#4 Russia

 Russia has been one of the greatest producers of greenhouse gases for quite some time now. Their lack of awareness with regard to global warming has had an ever-increasingly negative impact on their environment in recent years. Russia is heavily dependent on coal, oil, fossil fuels and gas to fuel their industrial and nuclear operations. This has caused major degradation of their land and water resources. They are also facing immense soil erosion and excessive pollutants in their rivers and basins. To top it all off,they are experiencing deforestation, illegal poaching and airborne emissions that seem to be severely threatening the conditions of living in Russia. 

Japan pollution#5 Japan

 Japan has been facing pollution for ages, yet they are still the number five top contributorin the world. They are known to be the largest consumer of fossil fuels and the fifth largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Careless urban planning and construction have not left the country breathing easy. 

 german-coal#6 Germany

 Dust particles and toxic gases make Germany number six in the worldwide polluting pack. With nitrogen dioxide levels measuring twice the acceptable rate, you would think we would be seeing some major changes. Unfortunately, many of their major cities are doing little to fight this increasing uphill battle which, in the near future, may leave Germany ranked higher on the list of top pollution producers

 I have visited two of these top polluting countries and l live in the U.S. It absolutely shocks me to learn that some of the world’s most powerful countries are among itsgreatest polluters.  

About Amanda

Amanda Wilkes is a Southern California native and an avid advocate for the health, happiness, and the well being of the world we live in! She loves teaching, traveling, writing, cooking, and photography. Amanda cannot get enough of being out doors, playing in the sunshine and doing yoga on the beach at sunset. One of her greatest joys is finding a new Farmer's Market or sustainable eatery! She lives in Laguna Niguel, CA with her beloved boyfriend and fur baby. As a teacher, she hopes to empower the youth of today with the ways of tomorrow's future!

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