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Scents Make No Sense!

By Amanda Wilkes:

What would be your reaction if I told you that the perfume you wear every day is nothing more than a mixture of powerful toxins that quickly enter your bloodstream through your pores? When I read about this, I was really upset that not only had I been paying an excessive price for my favorite perfume, but that it is just a bottle full of chemicals that could one day lead to my demise! Today we have an odd obsession with smelling fresh or pretty. Of course I am not saying that smelling good is a bad thing, but as my mama always told me, less is more.

Just the other day I got into an elevator and, as the doors shut, the fresh air I had been breathing was immediately obscured by the awful scent of someone’s perfume. Now, I am sure we have all experienced this at some time, so why do people still think it’s okay to wear that much perfume? Then I got to thinking: if I can smell their lingering perfume even after they have left … imagine how stifled their skin must be! After doing some further research, I found it curious that most of the studies say perfumes are harmful only when used in high doses. Wouldn’t using something every day, sometimes even multiple times a day, be considered a high dose??? My next step was to find out exactly which toxins are in most perfumes and what their side effects are. I wasn’t surprised by what I found: on average there are 14 “secret ingredient” chemicals in each bottle of today’s leading perfumes, and 66% of these chemicals never have been tested for their toxicity. Fragrance companies get away with this by designating these “secret ingredients” as trade secrets. For me, that is not good enough. If I am using their product, I want to know what’s in it!

​Since I wore Chanel Chance, I have focused on that. So here it is … Chanel Chance is rated an 8 out of 10 on the Hazard Scale provided by EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. 8 out of 10 … How am I and the rest of the women wearing this fragrance supposed to react? Well, my first step was to throw away my overpriced little bottle of toxins and my second step is to inform you! Then, after a couple of days of living with nothing but the sweet smell of me — ha ha — I became interested in non-toxic fragrances! I found myself thinking aloud, “I’ll have an order of your sweetest scent. Hold the toxins!” To my pleasant surprise, it can be done! By simply googling “natural perfume,” “organic perfume,” or “home remedy perfume,” you are provided with dozens of alternative perfume solutions. Whether you want organic perfume, or perfume you can make at home, just get rid of that toxic bottle!







http://www.bestbottles.com/ (If you can’t find a bottle to reuse)

​With these remedies I have peace of mind, knowing that I smell pretty and I am keeping my body toxin free!


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