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Recent Revels 86% of Teenagers are BPA Contaminated

By Fredrika Syren:

In recent years, we have heard about the importance of avoiding bisphenol A (BPA) because of its hormone-disrupting qualities. BPA has been linked to breast and prostate cancers, and low sperm counts. Exposure to BPA happens through dust ingestion, skin absorption (handling plastic and recipe examples), and consumption of food that has been in contact with BPA packaging.

Despite being a well known fact that BPA is dangerous and may cause lots of harm to our bodies, it continues to be present in our everyday lives in everything from water bottles, fast-food wrappers, baby bottles, dental floss, gum and way too many other items. So we’re constantly in contact with this chemical.

Unfortunately, the ones most vulnerable to BPA exposure are children and teens, and a new study from the University of Exeter has shown that 86% of teenagers have traces of BPA in their bodies.

The goal of the study was to see if participants — 94 students aged 17-19 from southwestern England schools — could reduce exposure to BPA with dietary choices. For example, the researchers wanted to determine whether consuming less canned and processed food would reduce BPA traces by 60%. The study’s participants switched to stainless steel and glass food containers, and did not microwave any food in plastic. They also avoided canned foods and food wrapped in plastic. The study lasted for 7 days and, as it turns out, the experiment did not work to reduce their BPA traces in that time.

The scary outcome of the study is that it shows that avoiding BPA is hard because almost everything is packaged in plastic these days and that, even when taking measures to avoid plastic and exposure to BPA, it’s almost impossible to avoid.

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