Rainwater Harvesting Free?

Jul, 28, 2014

By Centehua:
The best things in life are free, right? At least the essentials should be or everything that nature freely provides all people such as rainwater, for example. What a gift! Water is an essential natural resource and it is free, indeed.
I am blessed with the ability to collect the best drinking water around for free! I do this because I believe that good clean water did_u_know rain water harvestshould be available to all. Why should I pay for water that is treated when I can have the best water straight from the source? Water is very important to me. It is vital for all who inhabit this earth. It is our responsibility to conserve it and to protect it from the greed of a government that thinks it can put a dollar sign on absolutely everything nature has given us.
I am always so happy when it rains because my garden gets greener, and I have a rainwater tank that fills up so I can use the water whenever needed. It makes sense to collect and save as much water as possible, right? I mean, I live in Southern California, where things are pretty dry at the moment, which is not favorable when trying to grow food. Every little drop counts.
Apparently our government thinks we shouldn’t benefit from nature so freely. There are companies that make lots of money from your water bill, so if you get it for free, their numbers might decrease and that’s not good business. Sounds crazy, right? But there are laws against collecting rainwater.
Rain water harvesting illegalYep, unbelievable, but many states do not allow collection of the water that falls freely onto your property. I thought banning raw milk was crazy, but this is outrageous! The freedoms of this country are quickly eroding. The government can’t own nature. They can’t own our water source: it’s free for everyone. States like Utah, Colorado and Washington have outlawed the collecting of rainwater on people’s property. Officials claim that the water belongs to someone else. Really? Who? Utah is one of the driest states in the country. It should be mandatory for everyone to collect rainwater.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that using rainwater is much better than using tap water in order to conserve our precious resource, especially in areas where draught is a major concern. These laws apparently have been in the books for 100 years! However, they are resurfacing and the reason restrictions are being lifted is thanks to the citizens who have had enough and have decided to end governmental control, at least in this regard.
I say that, if rain falls on your property, give thanks because it’s yours. Install a tank and enjoy your freedom. You are entitled to the air you freely breathe, the water you drink, and the food you grow and eat – for free.
There are a few ways to divert water and collect it from your rooftop. This is active water collection, but you can also collect plenty of water, if not more, in a passive form such as earth works. Creating undulations on your landscape, basins, and swales or contour are all very effective ways to ensure that your garden holds as much water as possible. These are principles of permaculture, tools that can guide us to a sustainable era of change.
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Centehua is a mother, wife, chef, blogger, forager, farmer, dancer earth momma. She is an urban homesteader, learning how to live better with less, discovering quality of life in sustainable practices. Her passion is in assisting the world in a possitive shift through the integrity of clean raw foods, superfoods and superhebs. She believes that a deeper connection to the earth and our sustenance is vital for a sense of self responsability and overall health. She is a lover of nature and music. Centehua is the founder of “Baktun foods” an online resource and catering company for organic living foods.

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