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Prescribe a Little Nature’s Rx for Mom

By Katie Dubow:

 Mother’s Day is coming up. Mothers have two things in common: they give a lot and are naturals at helping things grow. So why not give a Mother’s Day gift that makes Mom happy and that is kind to Mother Earth? Celebrate them with these six unique garden gift ideas:

  1. Vibrant, Edible, Compact Plants: Give the gift of delicious summer fruit by choosing one of the new edible berry plants from Bushel and Berry™. Everyone will love these ornamental shrubs — they provide healthy, homegrown food, and their beautiful foliage adds color to the garden throughout the seasons. With flowers starting in the spring, colorful berries popping up in the summer and stunning color lasting into the fall, they will enjoy this gift long after the holiday is over. Visit comto find a garden center near you.
  2. Compost Tumbler: What better gift for the eco-friendly mom than a compost tumbler? Composting enriches soil, saves water and reduces landfill waste! The best model for beginners, the Back Porch($199), was developed for small gardens and makes compost as soon as 4-6 weeks. The mobile design includes two wheels for easy and lightweight transport. It comes with a free compost starter kit ($60 value). Because moms like to get a little dirty, too. Available at com.
  3. Summer Bulb of the Year: Lilies’ dazzling appearance adds sparkle to any garden. They thrive in containers, make great gifts, and are perfect for any cutting garden. Moms would love asiatic, trumpet or oriental lilies.When in doubt, look for lilies in the color Mom loves, then plant them in a container. ($ varies) Purchase bulbs at your local garden center.
  4. Plants of Steel: This year, forget flowers for Mom. Pick up a hard-to-kill plant from the Plants of Steel Collection from Costa Farms.No super powers needed to keep this indoor greenery alive. And caring for these green superheroes is easy. Choose from five low-maintenance varieties to fit Mom’s style. Available at your local grocery store or garden retailer.
  5. Plant a Tree: For a gift that will keep giving for generations to come, plant a tree in Mom’s name. Along with their beauty, trees provide endless benefits to people. Spending time around trees has been proven to improve physical and mental health. Trees also can save parents money by reducing energy bills. Check with your local arborist to learn which trees are best for your region. The professionals at Davey Treecan help ensure that the new tree lives a long time.
  6. Start! Bloom! Grow!: Make Mom’s life easier for months to come with Espoma’s new line of liquid organic plant food, Start!, Bloom! and Grow!Made with natural ingredients, they’re safe and healthy for plants, vegetables, kids and pets. Plus, fertilizing couldn’t get any easier with the new, innovative Easy Dose cap. Check your local garden center for availability.

Katie Dubow is a working mom of two girls, one dog and five chickens. Together, they aim to bring gardening to a new demographic and convince people that brown thumbs can, in fact, be turned green. In her spare time, she practices Bikram yoga, mixes a mean cocktail and, of course, gardens excessively.

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