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Be Organized: Secrets to Keeping Your Home in Tip-Top Shape

By Helen Bradford:

Although it’s really a challenge to keep a home tidy at all times, leaving it to be overrun by a mess is even worse. Psychologists have pointed out many times the importance of exercising order at home since it will then transfer to other aspects of our lives, and make us more organized and responsible. Since days are busy and time to relax is always treasured, here are some secrets about how to have an uncluttered home and still enjoy that extra free time on your hands.

  • Do a big cleaning

You’ve heard about spring cleaning, and probably even done it before — the big cleaning, when every corner of the house is mopped and every piece of furniture is turned upside down and dusted. What we suggest is the same but with a modern twist: instead of doing it all alone, if you’re financially able, hire a professional cleaning service. If not, call for help from friends or family members and make a party out of it. If, unfortunately, you have to do it alone, then make a plan and do it step by step, even if it takes days.

  • Keep a list of repairs

Sometimes when things start breaking or malfunctioning, this creates a domino effect on your budget and your nerves. Instead of putting off the repairs, make a list of needed repairs, and rank them according to urgency. You can repair some things which are not that serious by following guidelines from the DIY websites or asking a friend to help. But never leave a small problem unrepaired for a long time because it soon could turn into a big problem. A dripping pipe, for instance, can become a leak and eventually create a flood.

  • Exterior of your house needs care, too

If you neglect the outside areas of your house, you can have quite a problem on your hands as soon as the rains or the snows start. Gutters and roofs need regular cleaning and inspection for damage and holes. If left unattended, damage can let water penetrate into the house and create damage to the structure and/or wiring.

The lawn must be mowed and fertilized against weeds for the colder months so you can enjoy lavish grass next season. Also, clean your yard of branches, leaves and debris carried by the wind to avoid insect and rodent infestations.

  • Redecorate from time to time

If you buy some new Eiffel’s curtains, for example, that’s considered decorating. Change doesn’t have to be big or expensive: even something as simple as a carpet or new furniture arrangement can refresh a space. New decorations here and there, like a newly potted plant or a painting for the wall, will also do the trick. Simply painting the walls will reinvent your home and give it a new look.

  • Clean your closets and pantries

Most of us have a problem with removing things we don’t need from our homes. And after a while, those things eat up space and start suffocating us. So, clean your closets and all other storage, and either throw away or give away unwanted items. This will make room for new things and also make you feel as though a burden has been lifted off your chest.


Benefits of tip-top homes are many, and one of them is undisturbed enjoyment in the space you own during the free time you have. The last thing you want when you come home is to be tripped by clutter or being too embarrassed to invite friends over because your house is too messy.

Helen Bradford is a student who enjoys writing about health, interior and exterior design. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.

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