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Love Is Sustainability

By Chef Centehua:

I feel that life is busy and loud. Time is flying, so I feel it’s necessary to sit quietly and slow the motion down in order to connect to my heart and breath. Here is where I find the answer: it is so simple, so timeless, so true ….. Love. It is love that sustains our family. I believe it is the substance that holds the universe together. It is boundless and infinite.

We are a part of the western modern culture. Our world is filled with toxins, pollutants, and millions of distractions. I often feel sad, for I wish I could offer future children a better world. Many people I love are ill from chemicals in food and in their prescriptions. Modern materialism has not made us happier but has alienated us from our humanity. Still, when I close my eyes and go within, I feel love transcending all my frustrations and concerns, and any thoughts of victimization are transformed into creative thoughts. During these crucial times that we are living in, getting discouraged is easy; but if we choose to love, then being proactive is easy.

I have stopped blaming others for the state of affairs. The truth is that we are all together here and we have all together as a collective created the environmental destruction. Once I became conscious of my actions, I began taking full responsibility for myself. I am doing the best I can, and I am also aware that my thoughts also are affecting the world we collectively create. So today I will choose thoughts of love and peace. I will recycle, plant seeds, catch rain water, support organic and indigenous agriculture; and I will honor the moon and dance with my children; I will share food and music with my neighbors; and I will channel my anger and fears and make art.

Our family is blended and expanding: my family includes my ex-husband and my step-daughter’s mother. I realize that their health and well being is vital for my own growth and health. The children are like crystals, transparent and pure. I will listen closely and learn how to be more loving and more open.

Love is the ultimate renewable energy source. I feel so alive when I love. It is our true nature and our natural state.

May we remember and continue moving forward with the task at hand with love.


About Centehua

Centehua is a mother, wife, chef, blogger, forager, farmer, dancer earth momma. She is an urban homesteader, learning how to live better with less, discovering quality of life in sustainable practices. Her passion is in assisting the world in a possitive shift through the integrity of clean raw foods, superfoods and superhebs. She believes that a deeper connection to the earth and our sustenance is vital for a sense of self responsability and overall health. She is a lover of nature and music. Centehua is the founder of “Baktun foods” an online resource and catering company for organic living foods.

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  1. Great post full of truth and beauty!

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