Life on the Green Road: Traveling with Children In Australia

By Marie Nieves:

Australia is a land of unparalleled natural diversity comprised of aquatic wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, uninhabitable and arid deserts, as well as lush rainforests in subtropical parts of Australia. Few manage to explore everything this amazing country has to offer. Even though it is now highly urbanized, not taking the time to go on some road trips and enjoy the natural wonders of this beautiful country would be a pity. We’ve chosen some destinations for you that will keep both the kids and the parents happy.

Rottnest Island

Popularly known as Rotto, this island is situated off the coast of Western Australia, a mere 25-minute ferry trip away from Fremantle. There are only about 100 permanent inhabitants in Rotto, which makes it a perfect getaway. Cycling is the main means of transportation, so as long as your kids are up to the challenge, pedaling across the island can be a great option for an active holiday. Best of all —  cars are not allowed here, so you needn’t worry about air pollution or road safety. Also, you’ll love Rottnest Island because it’s home to adorable cat-sized and good-natured cousins of kangaroos called quokkas. They’ll crack a smile even on the grumpiest of faces (not that grumpiness can be excused during holidays!).

Sydney to Brisbane road trip

During the scenic 10-hour trip, you will see some of the most mesmerizing landscapes in Australia. It’s good to keep in mind that, in Sydney, you can economize considerably by deciding to share accommodation, which is also possible and advisable in other larger cities in Australia. Considering the fact that a 10-hour trip can be dull for children, be sure to take short breaks every 2 hours, or more often if needed. To make your road trip even more environmentally friendly, rent a fuel-efficient car, which you can find at the Sydney airport.

Bring roller skates, a scooter or a skateboard, then find a suitable location where your kids can ride, run or play before you continue your journey. In case you can’t find a place where your kids could run around a bit and have fun, bring a map of Australia and introduce some educational fun. The person driving the car can tell or even show them which way you’re going, which should keep them entertained. Playing audio books, or bringing coloring books and their favorite toys can also make the ride less strenuous.

Ningaloo Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is an indisputably magnificent natural pearl, yet when traveling as a family, a better option for you might be the Ningaloo Reef. It stretches for almost 300km along the western coast of Australia and envelops a lagoon that is 2-4 meters deep and is much more easily accessible than the Great Barrier Reef. Thrill seekers will appreciate the opportunity to swim alongside gigantic whale sharks, which feed in the vicinity of Ningaloo. More importantly, Ningaloo reef is also kid-friendly, so you’ll be able to experience all of its wonders with your little ones while enjoying a glass bottom boat ride. The kids will love the sight of barracuda, leopard sharks and green turtles. Older kids can join you and swim alongside whale sharks as well, which could be a true adventure for them.

Don’t forget to plan your Australian adventures well. Most importantly, don’t venture out without quality sun protection. Sunglasses, high protection sun creams, after-sun creams rich in aloe vera, as well as a UV protection top (especially for youngsters) are essential.

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