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Levi’s: Give a Little, Get a Little

By Amanda Wilkes:

The Levi’s brand deserves applause for the commendable steps they have continually taken, in recent years, towards sustainability, including their newest green initiative.

At some point during the year, we tend to find ourselves shuffling through our closets to get rid of the old and make room for the new. As we stand there amongst our faded jeans, shrunk tops, and shoes that have seen too many nights on the town, we begin to wonder…where will all of this go? Sadly, Americans commit nearly 24 billion pounds of unwanted apparel to landfills each year. Thankfully there are earth-friendly individuals who wisely send their belongings to donation centers, charities, and programs that happily reuse old clothes, and provide a tax write-off and the pleasure of knowing that unused items are being given to someone who will enjoy them. However, what if there was an alternative to giving clothes away? What if, when you gave a little, you got a little back?

Now, thanks to Levi’s, there is a way. Not only can you make space in your closet and support a company that isLevis-jeans-007 sustainably shaping the clothing industry, but also you now will receive a 20% off voucher when you bring in your unwanted/unused clothing or shoes to any US Levi’s store or outlet. Customers will receive a voucher for any brand clothing they bring in, even if it is only one item. The voucher may be used at the store on any regular-priced item of the company’s clothing.

How does it work? Levi’s has a clothing collection partner, I:CO, that focuses on “re-worn, repurposed, and recycled clothing.” Through their partnered efforts, everyone wins, including the earth! I:CO’s mission statement provides their idea of how and why their method of reusing, repurposing and recycling clothes works:

green_retail lableBecause nature reuses everything that it produces. And that is exactly how we  have built up the I:CO system: as a closed loop product cycle for textiles and  shoes, within which raw materials can circulate infinitely. It is a cycle within which a product can repeatedly be turned into a new product.

I:CO accomplishes their infinite closed loop product cycle through Rewear and Upcycling. Rewear means that the donated product is still wearable and should be worn again in order to respect the energy and material that went into making it. Upcycling means that the donated clothing or shoes are no longer wearable, but are used to make a new product of equal or better value.

So the next time you find the heels you haven’t worn in five years staring you down, day after day, longing for a new owner, or you’re amid the mountainous donation piles in your closet, consider paying a visit to your local US Levi’s store or outlet, and let your donation pay!

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