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Kushies- Baby and Toddler Summer Gear

By Andrea Patin:

I was so excited to get the Kushies swim diaper and sunglasses just in time for my neighbors’ pool party. Upon first inspection of swimdiaperthe swim diaper I was a bit concerned. There really is no absorbing fabric inside the cute and well made diaper (just a soft, very thin layer of fabric between the waterproof outer and baby’s delicate skin.) If your child has solid poops, and a little pee is not a big deal in the pool, than this diaper will work. The elastic trim around the legs and belly are snug. And between the velcro and tie waist, it is easy to hold in the solid goods while finding a personalized fit. Our problem- my little guy is still breastfeeding so solid poop is not happening. For extra precaution (we don’t want a mess in our friends’ pool) I ended up using a disposable swim diaper and put this reusable over top. I was also concerned about the disposable swim diaper containing his potential beastly blowout, so the combo of both was perfect in our case. I think I will use the Kushies swim diaper on it’s own at the beach but not a swimming pool until we have reached firm poos. Those of you with little girls… oh my, their designs are so adorable!

sunglassesAs for the sunglasses, they are studly, functional and he seems happy wearing them. They are super flexible and durable made from rubber. My 18 pounder leaves them on, but still has some growing into the toddler size. Most importantly, they block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays and meet AOA (American Optometric Association) specifications needed in a good pair of shades. They are having a summer sale right now so prices are really reasonable. http://www.kushiesonline.com/

Kushies brand takes great pride in their products and have been around since 1987. They are based in Canada where nearly all their products are made. Many of the fabrics are made in the USA and other business partners around the globe have pretty lengthy rules of conduct to maintain ethical practices set by Kushies. They were one of the first companies to market 100% cotton reusable form fitted diapers. (I would love to try them out in comparison to the BumGenius cloth diaper.) They offer a wide assortment of quality washable diapers, award-winning educational toys, clothing, bedding and accessories.

But how Green are they? They say they are environmentally responsible by adhering to international laws and regulations. Kushies’ offers only a few organic products (bedding, diapers/training pants & a few accessories. This company seems much more respectable than many baby businesses out there when it comes to business ethics but it would be great to see them do more for the environment by using more renewable resources in their products. At least the products are high quality, made to last and affordable, so the odds’n ends can be passed down and used again and again.

Visit Kushies on Twitter: twitter.com/kushiesbaby; Facebook: facebook.com/kushiesbaby and Pinterest: pinterest.com/kushies/.

About Andrea Patin

Andrea Patin is Marketing Director, Product Reviewer and Green-Mom’s right-hand woman. She is a fellow crunchy gal who is passionate about learning, practicing and sharing ways to live more sustainably. Since 2003 she has had a career in the Holistic Arts as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist; as well as a Registered Yoga Instructor and Certified Birth Doula for many years. For fun she has taken multiple courses in Peace Studies and Urban Agriculture at the local community college. She is a foodie, so growing, cooking, sharing and eating organic is a norm. In her free time, she explores creative ways to develop her urban homestead. Andrea lives happily in San Diego with her husband and son.

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