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It’s My Baby and I’ll Cry It Out If I Want To: More Support, Less Judgment, Please

A friend and I are part of a local moms’ group, and we can chat online and meet up for a lot of fun activities. It’s always great to be in the company of other moms because we share our experiences as moms and always learn something new. Being among friends when feeling tired or down because of a child’s behavior helps. I think we’re doing a great job even though we all are raising our kids a little bit differently. I want to celebrate that instead of judge them or think that my way is better. Throughout the years, I have learned lots of valuable tips from them. Sometimes, however, I do feel moms can be quite judgmental.
My friend’s baby, the same age as my son, had been struggling with sleeping for a long time. My friend had tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. It had gotten so bad that her baby would wake her up every hour, screaming. Of course this resulted in a super cranky baby and a sleepwalking mom. Finally, she decided it was time to sleep train the child by using the CIO method (crying it out). I know she really had no choice in the matter and I know how hard it was for her to do it, but in the end it worked, and she now they both sleep so much better. But when my friend told some of the moms in the playgroup, she was judged pretty hard.
I know about not sleeping since this is my second child -­‐-­‐ and the second child who had trouble sleeping. I found myself having to sleep train both of them. I know: who ever would think you have to sleep train a child. After all, don’t we say “sleep like a baby”? Not in my case. And it was driving both my husband and me crazy. Sleep training is never fun but it usually works when the child is ready. Having said that, I do respect anyone who does not want to do it and believes CIO will create detachment. I also understand all friends who are co-­‐sleepers with their children. I love to snuggle up with my baby while sleeping, and I co-­‐slept with my mom.
I think that moms’ groups and play groups should provide an atmosphere for moms to freely discuss their problems without being judged or looked down upon. Let’s celebrate our differences and learn from each other. Let’s support each other and hope we’ll never be judged because -­‐-­‐ as moms -­‐-­‐ we judge and question ourselves a lot already.

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