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Infused Breathing

By Julie Zeff:

Last month we moved into temporary housing – a beautiful, cozy, two-bedroom apartment. I feel as if I’m 20 again – only with three little kids in one room. The kids started school, and we all have been off and running … All really good stuff and super busy! That’s a picture of me with a view from my balcony.

At moments, though, I have been completely and utterly overwhelmed – hence no “Tidbit” in August! Things were moving super fast, and I had breathe-a very hard time slowing down or getting conscious in some moments. I was moving on automatic pilot at times, trying to frantically pack or unpack, fill out forms for the kids, get school supplies, and get organized before and even after the school year started.

When I finally did get conscious, I noticed that during those overwhelming moments my breath was shallow. I felt tightness in my chest, jaw and shoulders. And, there wasn’t much room for any kind of flow, ease or space. YUCK! I really didn’t like it there … yet, there I was, anyway…

In fact, as I’m typing right now, even just remembering some of those days, I can still feel those exact sensations in my body. So, I’m going to stop typing for a moment, close my eyes and take some breaths …

I’m typing this part now, after I actually did it!  This is my experience:

My ribs expand; my breath deepens and slows. I now have some space and room, even if just a tiny bit. More ease. I breathe more. I find more space.

With patience, love, ease, flow, passion, and being present to all that comes, I use the space to imagine myself fully dealing with the challenges and excitement of our new home and the school year ahead. I feel a smile spread across my face.

I open my eyes and immediately close them again. I want more of my delicious vision. It is so nice to feel strongly and clearly connected to myself. I take a few more deep, full breaths and let my breath spread this delightful, spacious and powerful energy through my entire body and mind. I slowly open my eyes. I feel grounded, inspired and ready to live (and write) fully! The icky stuff has cleared away – even if only for a few moments …

Your breath is powerful! Your breath can keep you merely alive — or it can change your life. You know how to breathe and you know how to dream. By bringing the two together, becoming conscious of your breath, deepening it and consciously infusing it with inspiring images, thoughts or feelings, you are creating and living (even if only for a moment) your vivid life.

With each infused breath, you move stuck energy, old beliefs and detrimental patterns out of your body/mind, and replace them with inspiring images, thoughts and emotions. With time, intention and practice, you’ll live into these inspiring moments at will.

You can practice this Infused Breathing anywhere — sitting at your desk, at a red light, while lying in bed: you can even use it as a focus for meditation. Infused Breathing can be even more potent when paired with a good cardio workout or deep yoga class to really get it strongly pumping into your body’s cells.

Breathe. Give yourself a gift!

This month, change your life with Infused Breathing.

1. What are three inspiring images (actual or created) that evoke the absolute best in you?

2. Commit to pairing your breath with these images any time you remember to do so, especially when exercising, moving, practicing yoga or meditating.

3. When you find yourself in a stressful situation or when you need to make a decision, close your eyes, take some breaths; anchor into your inspiring images, thoughts or emotions. Notice the calming wisdom that you may have even more access to.

What changes within your body and life when you practice infused and conscious breathing? Please post below! Can’t wait to hear.

Much Beautiful, Conscious, Infused Breathing and Love,

Julie Zeff is a Life Coach for busy and working moms; Author of Vivid Living for Busy Moms: Coach Yourself to an Extraordinary Life; and a trained Forest yoga instructor building strength and flexibility with emotional and spiritual intelligence. Request her FREE report – Top 10 Tips to Vivid Living or receive her FREE Coaching Tidbits and 5 Anytime, Anywhere Breathing Tips by visiting: http://www.vividliving.net. Download a FREE peek of her book, Vivid Living For Busy Moms here: http://vividliving.net/julies-book

About Julie Zeff

Julie is a certified life coach, yoga instructor, author, and speaker who believes that absolutely everyone can live a vivid and extraordinary life. Her goal is to spread this belief and the tools to actually live it around the globe. Julie has worked for over 14 years in the personal growth and mental health fields. She brings the body (and often specifically yoga) into the coaching work that she does and brings life coaching into the yoga that she teaches. Julie teaches her clients to access the wisdom of their body and mind to help them transform their lives. Her professional mind-body journey began in 1998 when she worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Massage Therapist. She persistently tried to find a way to combine the two. But, it wasn’t until 2002 when she found Life Coaching (CTI, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach – CPCC) and Forrest Yoga (yoga teacher training) that there was a natural and passionate union that transformed her life and career forever. As a busy working mom with three children herself, she understands the challenges of trying to find that sweet spot in a busy world of work and family. She uses her own coaching tools each and every day to help her live a vivid and extraordinary life she loves! Whether through life coaching over the phone, or in a yoga class on a mat, Julie helps her clients tap into the innate truth and wisdom of their body and mind. They learn to make decisions with clarity and confidence. She guides them to courageously shed limiting patterns and beliefs. She helps her clients envision, design, and live their own unique, vivid, and extraordinary life. Julie was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago and now lives with her husband and three children in Atlanta, Georgia.

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