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Hydration Station while Working Out

By Amanda Wilkes:

Do you ever think about what you to drink when you are working out? I am a big fan of exercising my body and have hydration workoutalways wondered which drink is the best fuel for my body. There are plenty of workout drink options including, water, sport drinks, energy drinks, protein drinks and coconut water. However, it is very important to do your research before you begin fueling up, especially while working out.

Water is my number one “go to” when it comes to hydrating while working out. I am a person who sweats A LOT, and it is important for people like me to replenish the water that we are losing and stay hydrated. You shouldn’t just be drinking water during your workout; you should be hydrating throughout the day!

Coconut Water is my other hydrating drink of choice. Not only does coconut water offer the same benefits as water, but it also offers an amazing amount of electrolytes which affect the amount of water in your body and also regulate your pH. When you sweat, you lose a lot of electrolytes, so it is important to replenish them as you work out. For an added bonus, find a brand of coconut water that has chunks of pulp in the drink to get an extra boost of energy!

Protein Shakes I haven’t ever made protein shakes a regular part of my workout; however, I occasionally have enjoyed them prior to or after working out. I have always been told that the best option is whey based products from grass fed cows, as opposed to whey based products from soy, which imitates estrogen and can cause thyroid issues. Be sure to do your research before making any commitments to low quality protein shakes.

Energy Drinks I do enjoy energy drinks, but reading the label is important before consuming any energy drink. Many are filled with sugars, chemicals and caffeine, which can lead to serious medical issues if consumed while working out. I have never found that energy drinks have improved my performance while working out.

Sport Drinks I always stay away from these sugary, salty and artificially dyed drinks. Researchers have found all sorts of toxic chemicals in these types of drinks. I tend to stick with the more natural options that give me exactly what my body needs.

Have you found a favorite hydrating drink to have while working out? Please leave comments below!

About Amanda

Amanda Wilkes is a Southern California native and an avid advocate for the health, happiness, and the well being of the world we live in! She loves teaching, traveling, writing, cooking, and photography. Amanda cannot get enough of being out doors, playing in the sunshine and doing yoga on the beach at sunset. One of her greatest joys is finding a new Farmer's Market or sustainable eatery! She lives in Laguna Niguel, CA with her beloved boyfriend and fur baby. As a teacher, she hopes to empower the youth of today with the ways of tomorrow's future!

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