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How to Teach Kids the Important Role of Bees in Your Garden

By Jackie Edwards:

 Bees are far more docile than other pollinators, making them the best domesticated pollinators in the world. They encourage growth and reproduction in plants, and can improve the health of living plants. However, communicating their role in nature to children can be difficult since children often fear bees because they’re afraid of being stung.

Consider showing your children how useful bees can be in a garden. The beautiful imagery of your garden can help give your lesson a lasting impact and change the incorrect perception of bees as aggressive, dangerous insects.

They Are Social Animals, Not Aggressive Unless Provoked

Bees are the most important group of pollinators in the world. They have a clearly defined social structure and are less hostile than many wild animals, making their domestication easy. Domesticated bees are used for field pollination, honey production and more. But even wild bees, one of the most numerous pollinators on the globe, exhibit much less aggression than other pollinators. 

Showing your child a bee at work in your garden can be a safe and interactive way to demonstrate pollination. You also can choose which plants grow in your garden and where they’re located. This allows you to control where bees gather and to focus on specific areas.

Point Out the Bee’s Path, And How It Avoids Diseased Plants

Bees serve a dual purpose. Having bees in your garden will allow you to teach kids their important role in the ecosystem, and how it helps your garden to grow. When bees collect nectar for honey and pollinate flowers, they’re very selective. They can choose plants which aren’t growing as well and try to make them healthier, and avoid plants that are dying off. You can point this out to children and show them how to recognize ailing plants, thanks to the bees’ motions.

Use Diverse Plant Life, and Explain the Importance of a Bee’s Migration

Potted plants and farm crops often suffer from inbreeding. Using seeds from the same crops over and over can weaken your plants and make them more susceptible to disease. Because bees can carry pollen over long distances, they can deliver pollen from various plant strains, therefore helping flowers grow.

  Bees help plants to maintain genetic diversity. They support growing plants and act as pollinators so entirely new flowers can breed as well. If you want to teach your children about their importance, try creating a garden and including the kids in the process. (You can choose the layout and flowers yourself.) Show your children how bees live, and explain their history as a social and relatively docile insect. Your bees will return the favor by keeping your

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