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How Adopting Green Practices Leads to a Healthier Lifestyle

By Michelle Joe:



Prolonged sickness, depression, anxiety and chronic exhaustion are some terms regarding the health status of most people around us. In the past, these issues were not as common. Of course, something went wrong along the way, and it is about time we make the necessary changes to recover.

Environment plays a central role in determining the health of communities. That is why we find that people are interested in making a shift towards an environmentally-friendly lifestyle these days. Giving up unnecessary chemicals, harmful food products and unhealthy practices can add up to healthier human beings, and buying organic food products satisfies a need to play a role in sustaining the environment.


You might be a person who is concerned about the ecosystem and who wants to bring about change. You want to boost the environment — but there is always room for improvement, right? Here are some ways that will help you revamp your efforts, curb your carbon footprint, and lead you toward a healthier lifestyle:

How to start with an eco-friendly lifestyle?

Most people tend to stick to their lifestyle without considering its consequences. They overlook the good and bad impacts of their living, and end up hampering their physical and mental health. Minimum consumption of natural resources is the only way out of this dilemma;at the same time, one should not ignore the importance of preserving the environment. When this realization hits, you must start spreading the word and launch a community effort to enhance natural resources.



The 3R rule (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse)


The 3R principal is the cornerstone of an eco-friendly environment. People can be as creative as they want to be with this regime, as there are plenty of ways to adopt these rules. Taking a minimalistic path and recycling the products no longer in use have become quite trendy. You can look up DIYs online to find out how some products can be recycled and can add to the aesthetics of your surroundings. Before each product purchase, consumers must think of how they will dispose of the associated waste and whether buying the product is necessary.

If each person takes essential precautions regarding the products they are using, then the burden on landfills will be reduced, there will be less consumption of electricity, carbon emissions will decelerate, and people can save more money.

Changing commute


Each time you drive alone in your SUV, every mile you travel adds more than 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. No wonder replacing commutes will create an instant impact on the environment. You can be a pioneer of this change: start walking or cycling to your institution or workplace. It also will make you fit and healthy. Riding a bike at 6 mph can burn 240 calories or more per hour. Walking at a normal pace of 2 to 3 mph burns 300 calories or more per hour. People who practice these habits find themselves more alert and productive throughout the day, so it is worth a shot.

The solar route


Solar energy is the best way to produce clean, renewable power and bring benefits to the environment. As well as reducing greenhouse gases, it also lowers utility bills. Although consumers have to take care of solar o & m as well as upgrade their solar software now and then, they do not have to pay hefty bills on a monthly basis. It not only reduces the reliance on fossil fuels, but bulbs and tube lights also last longer. Hence, it is about time we make the most of this consistent and abundant energy source.

Eating fresh food


Fruits and vegetables travel for over a hundred miles from different states and countries. This means that they are picked weeks before they are eaten and are no longer fresh. A better approach is to buy items that your community produces or manufactures itself. Not only do you consume fresh food this way, but you also benefit the local economy. And you will have a chance to ask the sellers if their items are organic, and whether any harmful pesticides or other chemicals were used during the production process.

Save and clean the water


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that more than 90 percent of the country’s water systems meet the tap water quality standards they have set. This means that there could be some unwanted water coming through your faucets. To prevent this possibility, install water filters designed to remove the contaminating agents.

Saving water around you is another method of reducing the environmental impact of your lifestyle. It also will save money, as people will reduce their energy usage. Making some changes in everyday tasks can result in a large reduction of water consumption. For instance, people can begin by using shorter cycles for washing clothes, fixing leaks immediately, taking brief showers, and installing tap aerators on all household faucets.

Study of environmental changes over the past 10-20 years makes us wonder whether today’s adults could be the last generation to reach optimal levels of living as well as a greaterlife expectancy. However, there is a window of opportunity that nations can put to use in order to secure the future of younger generations. Embedding healthy living and sustainability principles into the lives of common people will save humanity from facing troubles like global warming, lower water supplies, and chronic health impairments. Adopting green practices is the only way toward a healthier lifestyle.

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