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Healthy Home – Best Tips for Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Following Today

Carpets are not fun to clean, especially when the chemical substances you usually use are making your nose sting with their smell. At the same time, not getting dirty carpets is impossible – they can either get dirty due to your shoes, or there was something spilt on them.

However, you don’t necessarily need to buy chemical substances to clean that annoying spot who wouldn’t go away. If you’re sick and tired of them, there are natural ways to clean your carpets that are just as effective. Here are some tips for you regarding non-toxic carpet cleaning:


  • Talk to a Green Professional


There are moments when you either don’t have enough time to create a carpet shampooer without chemicals, or you’re afraid it wouldn’t turn out as it should. In any of these situations, what you should consider doing is talking to a green professional. That being said, make research and find a professional who can help you with creating the substance.

It shouldn’t be hard finding one, as there are more and more carpet cleaners who know about the non-toxic way to clean carpets.


  • Use Vinegar


You’re probably not in shock over the fact that vinegar is on the list. After all, it’s a substance that is helpful in many tasks, besides cooking. The one you should look for is white distilled vinegar, which does a great job in removing the dirt from the carpet without any effort. You can just spray the vinegar onto stains, then use a clean cloth for the spot.

If you’re worried about the smell, you shouldn’t be – the smell usually goes away when you’re done cleaning, so you won’t suffer too much. It’s still going to smell for a while, but if you let it dry, it will go away.


  • Lemon Juice and Salt


If you have darker carpets in your home, you’re already aware of how much easier it for them to hide stains compared to lighter ones. For these, lemon juice and salt are the mixture that can successfully clean that annoying stain you’ve been dealing with for a while.

Still, before you do, you should test it in a hidden location, just to make sure it doesn’t make the stain worse. Also, you should ensure you scrub into the carpet to get into the fibers, so you completely clean the dirt.


  • Deodorize with Essential Oils and Baking Soda


Baking soda is yet another thing found in the kitchen which is good at various things. Mixed with 10 drops of your essential oil, it can serve as a deodorizer for your carpet. Sprinkle it all over the carpet, then leave it for a while, after which you vacuum up well.

Final Thoughts

Non-toxic carpet cleaning lets you live in a healthier environment, while also making sure pets and kids don’t have to inhale anything chemical. At the same time, the stains will be removed, thus leaving you with a clean carpet that you’ll be proud of.




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