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Green Printing: An Eco-friendly Printing Solution

By Adele Vitolo:

Printing is mandatory in any business. It is true that digital communications are becoming increasingly popular in current scenario, but there would always be times when printing the traditional way would be green-printing mainnecessary. You would then need paper and printer for communication, but you can’t do with just any printer and paper. You need to go for green options. Printing is a necessity for office workers worldwide. Printing requires ink, electricity and most definitely paper.

Statistics reveal that each office worker is said to use over 170 kilograms of paper every year. When you multiply this amount with the number of people working in an office, you can imagine the amount of paper required annually by an average company. Green printing is becoming increasingly popular in present day scenario, when more and more people are becoming environment conscious and trying to do their bit toward conservation of the environment by reducing carbon footprint.

printingWhat Is Green Printing?

Green printing is supposed to be a movement associated with the printing industry and it requires workers to consciously reduce, reuse and recycle to cut down the number of resources that are used for advertising and printing. Green printing is gaining momentum and is moving gradually beyond small, insignificant do-good firms and activist groups to bigger corporate houses and governmental agencies that apparently have mandates for purchasing greener goods as well as services.

Green printing is all about using soy ink, recycled paper and following eco-friendly printing practices. According to experts we save 3.3 cubic yards of Landfill Space when we recycle a ton of paper each time. This is the primary reason why more organizations are switching to recycled paper, soy or vegetable oil-based inks as opposed to petroleum-based inks.

The Conventional Printing Methods

The conventional printing methods are Gravure and Lithography and are typically used for calendar printing, printing magazines, books and even catalogs. These processes involve a wide variety of solvents, inks, resins, acids, dyes, lacquers, extenders, modifiers, driers, shellacs, varnishes and other solutions. Just some of these constituents land up on the printed page. The rest of the ingredients are used for producing films, gravure cylinders, printing plates, or proofs and even for cleaning presses and printing plates. Many of these constituents are supposed to be toxic and some of them may even be cancer-causing pollutants. Waste inks or solvents can be pretty hazardous. Plastic bags, foils, adhesives and bindings that are used in packaging or printing printed stuff can make paper unrecyclable.

Benefits of Green Printing

  • Most companies promoting green printing are inclined toward using recycled paper, which proves to be beneficial to the overall environment.
  • Green printing is becoming popular day by day thanks to its affordable pricing. Regular printing could prove to be exorbitant sometimes, but if you use recycled paper and small quantities of ink, you could assist companies in saving on budget.
  • Green printing opts for only those energy alternatives that bring about a cleaner environment.
  • Green printing is completely natural and relatively economic and you are in a position to spend less at the same time to produce more.
  • People tend to become more and more environment-conscious every time green printing is used. You tend to become more and more aware of the phenomenon of global warming. Awareness makes you ready for research and actions. Several international companies may ultimately take the required steps.

It is time to go green, if you still have not.

Adele Vitolo is a designer and blogger who is presently employed at a creative firm, which is considered one of the best when it comes to calendar printing, brochure design and many more. She enjoys reading, photography and writing as well.

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