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Green Living Combats Most Sleeping Problems

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We all know that a good sleeping pattern is crucial to physical and mental wellbeing. However, countless people across the globe still suffer from problems with an inability to get a good night’s sleep. According to the Sleep Health Foundation, around 1 in 3 people have at least mild insomnia. What’s more, there are also plenty of individuals out there suffering from other common disorders like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and even sleep-walking too.

While it can be tempting to turn to prescription and over-the-counter medication for help when you can’t get to sleep at night, these drugs often have adverse side effects like dependency, drowsiness during the day and even gastrointestinal issues. For those who suffer from chronic sleeping problems, the best solution may also be the most natural one – a change in diet.

Embracing green living and veganism is one of the easiest ways to overcome sleeping disorders once and for all. Here’s what you need to know.

People with a “Green” Lifestyle are Often More Health Conscious

Generally, people who take a green approach to their lifestyle are more health-conscious than their counterparts. They know how important it is to live a life of balance, which may mean that they pay closer attention to things like the amount of fresh air they get into their home and the vitamins and minerals that they expose their skin to every day.

For instance, if you live a green lifestyle, there’s a good chance that you do whatever you can to reduce your exposure to toxins and chemicals in your home. This might mean using organic and eco-friendly cleaning products. The fewer fumes in your house, the less likely you are to be kept awake at night by coughing, sneezing, and other respiratory issues.

A Plant-Based Diet is Packed with Sleep-Promoting Nutrients

You don’t necessarily have to be vegetarian or vegan to have a good night’s sleep, but you do need access to plenty of fruits and vegetables. Natural foods like organically-grown produce come packed full of healthy substances like potassium and magnesium. For instance, almonds and brazil nuts are packed full of magnesium, which is associated with an improved chance of deeper sleep and better muscle relaxation. Dark leafy greens like kale and spinach are also fantastic at improving the way that the body responds to stress, ensuring that you can relax more easily at night when you’re ready to drift into a peaceful slumber.

If the extra dose of excellent vitamins and nutrients wasn’t enough to convince you to get more natural foods into your diet, how about the fact that fruits and vegetables are easier on your digestive system? Plant-based foods are much easier to break down, which means that you’re less likely to be disturbed during the night by bloating, constipation, or a need to rush to the bathroom suddenly. The fewer gastrointestinal issues you have, the better your quality of sleep becomes.

A Happier, Healthier Life

A green lifestyle packed with fruits and vegetables gives you everything you need to live a happier and healthier lifestyle, free from the issues of common sleeping problems. For instance, you might even find that eating more fruits and vegetables helps to eliminate the joint pains and other chronic conditions that commonly keep you up at night. Experts suggest that diets that contain large amounts of processed foods canincrease levels of inflammation in your body, while vegetables and fruits counteract this issue.

Living a healthy green lifestyle isn’t just great for improving the way that you feel every day, it can also ensure that you get the right quality of rest when you drift off into dreamland at night too.

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